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May 18, 2006

FAMU Band Pulls the Coolest Halftime Drill Ever

Ok, this is just too damn cool. The Florida A&M Band forms two football players on the throws the football and the other catches it. Slick.



Trey said...

Now that's halftime entertainment. The HBCU halftime shows are always fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

I was in the HS band from 9-11th grades, and I can tell you that we never did anything this cool.

Unrelated, but I once saw Orangeburg High School's (I think that's where Timmy Jennings was from) all black band pull a great stunt at a band competition.

They played 1812 overture and played it straight. None of the typical HBCU moves that everyone enjoys.

Anyway, they played it straight until the cannons went off at the end. Then the entire band fell backwards to end the tune with a final cannon shot.

They all fell straight back without bracing their fall like the cannons had killed them all.

It was a riot.


da rattler said...

Yeah, that was sweet!

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