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May 25, 2006

Georgia Sports Blog Sighting

So I had my first "sighting." A friend of mine calls me from the road on business recently.
    Him: "Yo Westerdawg, I'm in Nashville on business."

    Me: "So?"

    Him: "So, I was touring the offices of, and I saw three people reading your blog as we walked around."

    Me: "Did you say anything to them?"

    Him: "Yeah....I asked, 'Do you honestly read that trash.'"

No respect for Westerdawg.

If you ever have an unusual sighting of the blog drop me a note. Orson at EDSBS said his best "sighting" so far was a buddy calling him from Gainesville as he overheard two students discussing an article that they read on EDSBS that day.



Kyle King said...

Last fall, I was in a real estate closing with a guy who recognized my name from my old weblog, Kyle on Football.

It's a bit odd when your professional life and your weblogging life intersect, although that still wasn't quite as odd as the time I was in another real estate closing a couple or three years earlier and, at the end, when I asked the couple if they had any questions, the husband (who had been silent throughout the process) said, "Yeah. Are you the guy who does that sports show with Travis Rice?"

What made that really funny was that, before I could answer, his wife slapped on the arm and told him how preposterous that question was. I then had to explain that, yes, in fact, I did a sports show with Travis Rice.

You've been doing great work lately, by the way.

Unknown said...

After reading this, I think it's pretty obvious that Dawgnoxious and I need a public access show.


Dawgnoxious said...

Agreed! It should be a cross between Bob & Doug McKenzie's "Great White North" and "The Dawg Show".

We could put a mouse in a bottle of Maker's Mark and take it to the distillery to get free bourbon. STEAMROLLER, eh!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, with a guy like paul, it may need to be more a Ted Barta deal.

Nathan said...

I got a message from a reporter that one of GT's assistant basketball coaches was checking up on the Jayhawk Invitational AAU tournament through my blog.

I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing.

Unknown said...

My favorite blog moment is still finding out that my blog stalker / hate mail giving ass face is an assistant coach at a not so far from here Div I-A school.

(or a GT fan impersonating him)

That's probably my all-time favorite moment.


82 said...

I was playing golf the other day at North Fulton and over heard the pro talking about a golf tournament he was going to enter which ended up being the tourney we hosted over at the football huddle 3.0.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

How is ol' JacketKey doing, anyway? He hasn't popped up around here in a while.

Unknown said...

I've walked by tailgates whey they were playing my Munson Mixes.

That's actually happened a bunch.

Doug - haven't heard from JacketKey in a while. If I hear from him again, I'm calling his SID and we'll sort it out that way.

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