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May 19, 2006

What Time is it in Texas? has its Old School Pic of the Week up, and it's Lastinger's run vs. the Longhorns in the '84 Cotton Bowl that put the Dawgs up 10-9.

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That was the last great moment for Georgia and Texas on the national stage for almost 20 years. It's safe to say that both are back. For more on this game, check out this article from the official Texas site or this article in the Dallas Morning News.

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Unknown said...

That was the first college game I ever went to. I was an SMU fan living in Dallas at the time and my aunt's boyfriend got some tickets to the game. Funny how I ended up going to school at UGA. It was a nasty game. I'll never forget that muffed punt. I was pulling for Georgia because the enemy of my enemy is my friend but there were a lot of Texas faithful there that were just in shock. It was like Goergia fans after a game in Jacksonville.

Kanu said...

I read in "What It Means To Be a Bulldog" that this game spawned the joke amongst players and fans:

- "What time is it in Texas?"

- "10 to 9"

Kanu said...

I just caught the title of your post, and realize how very retarded I am.

Unknown said...

I missed the joke, too but my grandfather's response to the 10-9 joke was, "Oh yeah, well what time is it in Miami? 41 to 28." I don't know if the worst part is that the time makes no sense or that he was referring to a game that happened in 1949 as a response to something that was happening currently in 1984. Tom Landry was Texas' running back in 1949 and he was already talking retirement by 1984.

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