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May 23, 2006

While we're discussing Mike Adams

Speaking of University Presidents and Paul Finebaum, Paul Finebaum wrote a blistering article last Saturday concerning university presidents. The article particularly focused on Mike Adams' ineptitude.

Finebaum says:
Someone needs to help these poor people (university presidents) in the bowties before they seriously injure someone with their clumsiness and utter pomposity.

The latest case in point comes from the president of the University of Georgia, Michael Adams. To meet him is to immediately dislike him. He is supercilious and self-righteous, haughty and highbrow. And those are some of his better traits.

Instead of straight talk from our college leaders, we get drivel. We get presidents trying to talk down to us instead of directly to us. We get people who all speak from a particular manual. It's a basic course called Hypocrisy 101. It's being taught on almost every big-time college campus these days by the person sitting in the president's office.
Finebaum is correct. The double talk and hypocrisy from Adams is endless.

Adams briefs reporters on the evils of drinking on game day (as long as you're not in his sky box)

While we're on the topic of Adams, Nathan at talks about why GT fans should cheer for UGA in the classroom. When GT fans are pulling for you to get a new president because you're giving the entire state a black eye, things are bad.



Anonymous said...

The ole boy looks like he's been to one too many "Cocktail Parties"!

Dawgnoxious said...

I [heart] Finebaum today too, because he hits the nail on the head. It is the height of hypocrisy to tell CBS "don't say World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party", but to continue to serve alcohol in the skysuites, and to accept corporate checks for all-you-can-drink tailgate beer gardens.

It's just one more way this massive douchebag is leveraging football to extort capital campaign money to cover up for the fact people won't give it to him any other way.

At this point, I'd rather UGA's president were Phyllis from Mulga than Mike Adams.

Anonymous said...

Adams does not serve alcohol in his box. At least get your facts right if you can't find anything better to do than attack the easiest of targets.

Dawgnoxious said...

Anon: In terms of getting your facts straight, Adams may not serve alcohol in his box, but it is available in sky suites. The nature of the hypocrisy is that Adams' alcohol policy allows alcohol to be served in any sky suite while pretending to crusade against the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Questions for anon from anon. (1) where do you get your "facts" about whether Adams serves alcohol in his box? and (2) why do you consider him an easy target?

Anonymous said...

From the original post (the caption to the picture of Adams):
"Adams briefs reporters on the evils of drinking on game day (as long as you're not in his sky box)."

This caption was the factual inaccuracy to which I was referring.

[Dawgnoxious, you made the distinction between Adams' box and the skysuites in your first comment. I should have been clearer that I was referring to the post, not your comment.]

To Anon: Adams has stated publicly that alcohol is not served in the President's Box at football games. I don't believe this has been disputed (and despite the visceral vitriol regularly leveled at Adams, I doubt you would contend that he's dumb enough to make a misstatement of fact that can be easily confirmed or denied). Regarding him being an easy target, he's is that because he's not in a position to respond to the hateful, varied, and pithy attacks that he recieves every day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments, Mrs. Adams.

Unknown said...

He also said he's agaist nepotism...except as it relates to putting his spouse on the university payroll.

He also said that he's pro ethics unless it relates to under the table deals with Jim Donnan, hiring Jim Harrick despite his past track record, or the University paying for his son's graduation party.

I honestly don't put much stock in what he says.

That said....I think it's pretty obvious to anyone reading this blog with any regularity that Mike Adams didn't actually say at a press conference that he supports drinking in his box.

If you want facts, I'll give you one.

GT's president raised $700 million in under 7 years. Mike Adams has been here for 8 years and he's not even in that zipcode.


Nathan said...

In his 12 years at Tech, Clough has raised around $1.2 billion in private donations and doubled the annual amount in research grants and expenditures from $200mil to $425mil.

More impressively, 4 different academic facilities have been build with entirely private donations - including the stunning brand new $45mil management complex in Tech Square.

Georgia has a terrific product to sell as well, and while it probably will never be ranked as highly as GT for various factors (mostly related to allowed selectivity and curriculum format), there is no reason why UGa can't continue to improve into the top 40-45 range in the USN&WR rankings and have an endowment in the top 50-75 in the country. There's a lot of wealthy UGa alumni to tap into, and a lot of resources to leverage.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I just realized who Mike Adams looks like: the love child of Phil Donahue and Dr. Kelso from "Scrubs."

Anonymous said...

Adams is confused. He thinks he is the principal of a high school in a bad neighborhood and he is required to talk down to everyone.

Anonymous said...

As usual, I agree with Finebaum. And Paul. Of course, if Satan popped out of a hellhole right now and told me Michael Adam$ was a pompous asshole, I'd agree with him too. But what are we to do about it? Well, we may or may not be able to drive him out of office. I'll leave the sweeping social change to greater minds. I merely propose a petty annoyance. I think it would be great if UGA alumni and fans would print out and mail a copy of Finebaum's article to Il Duce, for his reading pleasure. Given the hundreds of you who read this blog and your thousands of friends, this thing could really have some legs. Sure, Adams won't read the article, or even see all the letters. But he will know what's going on, and can go about his day secure in the fact that the alumni of his school enjoy engaging in such acts just to give him the metaphorical finger. And I think that counts for something.

Anonymous said...

Cue the Sally Struthers voiceover--"39 cents a day. That's all it takes to show a hungover looking, smarmy, and mildly revolting university administrator that he's a hypocritical jackass, and even neutral observers in lower Alabama know it. You can make a difference. . ."

Anonymous said...

OK, so can someone please tell me,
He's not a fundraiser.
He's not an 'academic'.
He's not here to unite the masses.
He's not welcome either.
Is he killing it in landing research grants?
What exactly is Michael F Adams doing to show that he should still be employed as the President of the University Of Georgia (not to say he actually deserved the job in the first place mind you)?
Why exactly is this man running UGA and not Clarke Central?

Dawgnoxious said...

Egger, the only response I can think of is that the Clarke County Board of Education is elected and couldn't face their constituents if they allowed a douchebag like Adams to remain. Unfortunately, the Board of Regents buy their appointments, and they are totally unaccountable to anyone, including the Governor who appears indifferent to their foibles.

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