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June 16, 2006

Air Force Base to Host Dawgs in Omaha

The Air Force base in Omaha has adopted the Dawgs according to the Athens Banner-Herald. Each year area businesses and organizations adopt one of the eight teams participating in the College World Series. Given the Bulldogs penchant for sending balls deep into the wild blue yonder, it's a great synergistic fit.

Speaking of synergy. Here are some of the other rumored host organizations:

Rice University: Benihana of Omaha

Asians love rice and baseball. If the Japanese Embassy had an office in Omaha, it would be on like Donkey Kong.

Clemson: John Deer Dealers of Nebraska

Clemson folks love their tractor porn

Georgia Tech: Pan-Galactic Rebellion Re-enactment Society of Nebraska

May the force be weak with them

UNC: Ernst & Julio Gallo Distributors, LLC

Wine and Cheesers like the Tarheel fans were a natural fit for E&J.

If you have corrections or additional info on host organizations, feel free to let me know.



Anonymous said...

I know you could have come up with something good for Oregon State

Anonymous said...

It has to be Victoria's Secret for Oregon State.

Synergy. I like it. Cant believe no one saw this to speak.

Anonymous said...

I did some research on the other teams and found out:

Cal State Fullerton was hosted by ConAgra, who demonstrated how to grow fruit, nuts, and other organic mind-altering crops.

Oregon State was hosted by Tiger Lily's, an entertainment club at 1401 Jackson Street. The team got to participate in their annual "Beaver Fest" celebration.

Miami has hosted by the Omaha Vice Squad, who also showed up (late) to Beaver Fest.

Rice was co-hosted by Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, who described how to corner the grain market and detailed for them the fall of Enron. Several players walked out in tears, crying for "Daddy".

I also heard Georgia Tech and UNC were co-hosted by Omaha Steaks and got to sample all the beefcake they wanted, but that rumor is unconfirmed.

Clemson was co-hosted by Mutual of Omaha at the Henry Doorly Zoo. They visited the grave of Marlon Perkins and got to sit idly by, eating ice cream while Jim Fowler wrestled the gorillas and the alligators.

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