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June 5, 2006

Brazil, Kuwait, Korea and other football fans living abroad

If you're reading this blog from the far corners of the earth, shoot me an email at

decaturdawg [at)

I've seen folks from far away distant lands in my usage stats several times, and I'd love to touch base with you guys.

I'd like to talk with military personnel, non-military personnel, missionaries, business execs, students, whatever. Doesn't matter which. You don't have to be in Brazil, Korea or Kuwait. Anywhere distant is fine.

If you're a missionary doing work in another country posing as a student or whatever, that's fine too. I can work around that. I'm just looking to talk with any college football fans (Dawg or non-dawg) located far, far, far from home. On or off the record.

Don't worry, I won't publish your name or anything.


Paul Westerdawg
Georgia Sports Blog


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