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June 12, 2006

Bring your own lampshade. Somewhere there's a party.

Replacements Album Due Tomorrow

The Replacements -- to whom this blog owes plenty of fun and a name for me -- release their best of album titled "Don't You Know Who I Think I Was" tomorrow.

In honor of their release including two new tracks, it's 'Mats headlines all week, which means nothing for most of you. But good times for me.

Best bad videos ever.



Anonymous said...

Oh, my...if you'd told us any of them would live to put out music in the 21st century...

That said, "I Will Dare" is still the jam.

C. Paul said...


Thanks. Big Replacements fan - Skyway and We'll Inherit the Earth (but we don't want it) are two of my favorties.

Saw them at the Georgia Theater in 1991 or 92 - can't remember exactly. It was fantastic.

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