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June 21, 2006

Miami vs. Oklahoma in 2007 and 2009

ESPN has the story. First time the two teams have played since the 1987 Orange Bowl. [ht-dawgsin2004]

Georgia still has an open date in 2007 for the season opener. You would think that we would sign a fairly recognizable name (not OU, but someone interesting) for 2007 given that our other OCC games are GT, Troy, and Western Carolina. Plus, our only interesting home games in 2007 are Auburn and South Carolina.

The trick will be deciding when do we give up the return visit or who will give us a 1 game deal.

Interesting non-conference games upcoming for UGA:
2006 - Colorado (home), GT (home)
2007 - ?, GT (away)
2008 - Arizona State (away), GT (home)
2009 - Arizona State (home), GT (away)
2010 - Colorado (away), GT (home)
2011 - Louisville (home), GT (away)
2012 - Louisville (away), GT (home)
2013 - Clemson (home), GT (away)
2014 - Clemson (away), GT (home)



Anonymous said...

You think they'd be willing to do another neutral site game in '07?

Those seem to be gaining some popularity. I know y'all already have the Florida one, but maybe another one in the short term would be a good idea.

S.A.W.B. said...

I don't think it would ever happen, and I don't have time to track down schedules, but I'd love to see Texas in that slot, with a return at a later date, perhaps 2009. If we can't work out a home/home with Texas, then perhaps we can take on the other-other-other bulldogs of Fresno State. I doubt we'd have to give them a return visit.

Anonymous said...

Nico, imo, the powers that be in dawgdom want a home game. 1) We already have a neutral site game as you point out, and 2) they like having folks in Athens, period.

Unknown said...

We already have 6 home games that year. Technically, we could do a road, neutral or home game.

However, I know we prefer a 7th home game. Especially with such a really weak home schedule of:

South Carolina
Western Carolina
Ole Miss

That would make the weakest home schedule since '97. Only '97, '95 and '93 are at that level since....well....the 1960s.

Prior to '92, we had Clemson or South Carolina non-conference every year at home plus GT every other year plus a nice mix of mid-tier home games like UVA, UNC, Oregon State, Cal, TAMU, Pitt, UCLA, BYU, Etc.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see PSU or the Terps. Also, another fun game would be FSU...but I doubt any of these happen. Maybe WVU???!! or VT?

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