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June 8, 2006

Serious issue: Net Neutrality

Seriously, all internet users should really read up on the "Net Neutrality" issues that are being discussed in Congress.

Basically, the Internet works because it is well...fair and open. You as a consumer have the ability to choose what services you want on the Internet based on the quality of the offering from the vendor. For instance:
You can choose between and based on the quality of their writers and the speed at which they break stories.

You can choose between Etrade and Ameritrade based on the price of their commissions, their user interface and the speed at which they process your transaction.

You can choose between ESPN and SI based on whether you think Mandel or Maisel is the bigger dork.
Basically, you choose based on the quality of their product.

Without Net Neutrality laws, Internet Service Providers such as, Comcast and Earthlink would be able to strike backroom deals with content and application providers like those companies listed above. They would be able to degrade your access to sites of their choosing based on payments from those vendors without you knowing.

Suddenly, you have fewer choices for content and services via the Internet as sites who weren't paying "sponsorships" or who had competing products would have sites that were so slow to YOU that you wouldn't be willing to use them. Think this doesn't matter? This 3 minute video explains Net Neutrality. Given the power, reach and impact of the Internet, this issue impacts all of us. Please take a moment to listen.

If you'd like more info on this issue written in plain English by folks like us who love college football, check out the MZone's take on it. They look particularly at how this ruling could affect free sites that you enjoy such as Google, YouTube, MySpace, and blogs like this one. It's a very solid look at the issues specifically as they relate to your ability to read sites like mine,, EDSBS and The video explains things in terms of big issues like phone service and search engine usage. MZone boils it all the way down to the internet college football experience.

I'll go back to silly pictures and making fun of Tech shortly. In the meantime, take a minute to check out the video.



Kanu said...
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Kanu said...


The Salon article I linked to in this post a while back is the best one I have read on the subject - thought you might be interested:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the House passed the COPE bill which would kill net neutrality.

See how your Rep voted (Yeas oppose net neutrality). Let them know you appreciate net neutrality.

For more info and how to take action link below:

Link: House Turns Deaf Ear To Net Neutrality
Posted on 6/9 2:29 PM | IP: Logged

Anonymous said...

Forgot link:

Anonymous said...

Actually, EarthLink is for Net Neutrality. EarthLink provides broadband by buying it from BellSouth and other telcos and reselling it to customers. The end of net neutrality would allow telcos to raise the rates on EarthLink.

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