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June 23, 2006

Statesboro Day @ GSB

John Knox

For the first time in recent memory, Statesboro High is sending not one, but two players to University of Georgia. Safety John Knox and defensive end Justin Houston committed to UGA last week. If memory serves, the last Boro Bulldog football letterman was Jeff Kaiser in 1994.

Sure, Rashad Wright was a great basketball dawg, but he never scored a touchdown. It takes more than a #3 tourney seed to get Dantzler behind us.

"We hope the fact Statesboro High is sending two recruits to Athens will make the Bulldog Nation forgive us for sending Jeff Dantzler a while back," said Statesboro Mayor William Hatcher.

In unrelated Boro news, the following non-dawg story made Paul Harvey's radio commentary Thursday.

True story: a guy was drinking at Dingus Magee's Friday night when he found a checkbook under his barstool. So the guy decides he'll use the check to pay off his bartab. But the bartender refused the check. The reason? The checkbook was the bartender's.

Jody Minor was arrested, charged with theft of lost or mislaid property, theft by deception and three counts of felony first degree forgery. If this gets out, it could be embarrassing for him.

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Anonymous said...

Why all the hate for Jeff Dantzler? He is a very knowledgeable guy. His passion for the Dawgs is undeniable and the random facts he can pull out about Georgia is ridiculous. I just want to know why there is so much hate for him because I love listening to him on 960, baseball games, and the men’s basketball games.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

That Jody Minor dude had a $129 bar tab?! No wonder he couldn't tell whose name was on those checks. I do like the fact that the whole country now knows we have a bar called "Dingus Magee's" in Athens, though.

Anonymous said...

John Knox is a gamer. I was at both state championship games last year, he literally brings everything but the kitchen sink on every play.

Anonymous said...

~Last year and the year before.

Anonymous said...

Doug, there is no Dingus Magee's in Athens. It's in Statesboro.

Unknown said...

I'm a goon on the internet.

What do I know.


Anonymous said...

Jon Knox has changed his number back to 20, you know what that mean you guys...head busting time....

Anonymous said...

This guy is remarkable I can't wait to see him get his shine at Georgia and he has #20!!!

Anonymous said...

John Knox will be attending the university of Memphis this fall. He will be playing ball there for here on out and yall let's wish the guy the best 2 da fullest.

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