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June 27, 2006

Wanted: Old Coach Commericals

He's looking for classic coaching commercials. The worse the better. From on the need for commercials:
In particular, if anyone out there has an Urban Meyer commercial we’ll beg for them. His line reading is just a degree south of Bob Hope’s at 97. He looks like a hostage reading a confession: “I’m so happy to be working with Simpson Jewelers…and am also an agent of the Mossad.” Oh, and any Tommy Tuberville commercial involving Kroger. We’ve heard legends told about these that need visual verification.
I remember Ray Goff having some classic Osmose Pressure Treated Pine commercials.

"If it don't say Osmose on the yeller tag believe don't won it. Get budder wood."



Anonymous said...

The best Goff commercial was a Golden Flake comemrcial where he reaches for the chips and says "I believe I'll go for two."

Anonymous said...

My favorite Tommy Tuberville commercial goes something like this:
"When I'm about to get fucked by my President and Athletic Director, I reach for KY Jelly. Ahhhh... smells like Petrino."

Unknown said...

While not exactly a classic, somebody out there has to have the Dan Reeves Zocor commercial where teh former Atlanta coach gave his best Wilform Brimley impersonation. Too bad Zocor is a heart medicine and not a "diabeetus" medication.

I also remember a commercial where Tom Landry pops out of a suitcase. Does anyone remember that one? It was either a hotel or car rental commercial. I think he was playing a ukelele or singing or something?

Anonymous said...

Goff also did a good Kinnett Milk commercial......

Holla said...

Was there some change in UGA policy regarding coaches doing commercials on the TeeVee? All those legendarily bad Goff offerings, but what about Donnan and Richt? I was living in Kentucky for, like, the entire Donnan era, so maybe he did some and I just missed them. But I know you never see Richt in any sort of commercial around ATL/GA.

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