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June 8, 2006

West Virginia's Version of Larry Munson

Jack Fleming was the voice of the West Virginia Mountaineers from 1947-1997. He went on to offer commentary from his home about games for 4 more years until his death in 2001.

Imagine if Larry Munson didn't have a self-filter and was more of a meaner, hot head. You'd get something like Fleming. On second thought, the only similarity is their unapologetic, blind homerism.

Check out Fleming's hysterical pre-game commentary before the 1988 Penn State game. If you're in a hurry, fast forward to the 55 second mark of the sound file.

Jack Fleming: "This isn't a game. It's a crusade.

I found out about this guy because of a cool post on the DawgChat by a WVU fan calling himself ShadyMountaineer.



John Radcliff said...

He was something special to listen to. He was also the voice of the Steelers during the imaculent reception/4 Super Bowl days. Did some Chicago Bulls for a while, too. No matter who replaces Munson, it will never sound as good. Thanks for posting this.

Kyle King said...

Munson has a self-filter?!?!

C. Paul said...

Nice. I liked the "Darth Vader from Mount Nittney" line about JoePa. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

guy sounds like a jackass. he has the typical inferior program chip on his shoulder, if he was in politics he would shout, "tax the evil rich"

Unknown said...

in all fairness, many of our rivals think Munson is a jackass. But he's not entertaining THEM. He's entertaining US.


Hobnail_Boot said...

Pure Gold.

Unknown said...

I'm glad Munson is entertaining folks, because he's sure doing a pitiful job of letting listeners know what's actually happening on the field. I love Gerogia football and I realize he's a Georgia football institution but when he's the only link I have between me and what's happening on the field, I end up getting a lot of incomplete and sometimes flat out wrong information. From what I understand, Jack Fleming suffers from the same issues. Great voice. Great commentary. Poor play-by-play.

When the time comes, I really hope Dave Johnson becomes the voice of the Bulldogs. He does a great job of infusing commentary with the play-by-play.

John Radcliff said...

Yeah Dante, Jack's Play-by-Play has really gone down hill since his death.

Unknown said...

Sorry, meant suffered.

Anonymous said...

When it came to a football or basketball play by play man Jack Fleming was and still is the best there ever was. While accurate in his description of the action, he also managed to paint a picture of the game to the extent his voice made your eyes see what he was seeing. He was a genius at what he did and if you never heard him you missed something very special

Anonymous said...

The guy who replaced Fleming is pathetic!! Even worse he is a graduate of Syracuse. Oh for the days when a true Mountaineer would call the games. Jack would of love the 2006 Sugar Bowl.

Anonymous said...

ch, If you're suggesting that Tony Caridi ("the guy who replaced Jack") is bad, you've highlighted yourself as completely incompetent in your knowledge of sports casting. Caridi is one of the best in the country and has been at WV for almost 20 years (19 to be exact). He is loyal, talented, and sought after. He had opportunities to pursue more national roads -- as did Dave Pasch and Dave Ryan, both of whom came through Morgantown on their way to ESPN -- but chose to stay in Morgantown.

It is great to love Jack Flemming and to keep his memory alive. But doing so by putting down one of the nation's best and a loyal Mountaineer...well I think Jack Flemming himself would be ashamed of your grossly inaccurate comment.

Anonymous said...

As an old line Mountaineer Fan since the late 50's, I lived the Fleming era, while Tony may well NOT be Jack Fleming, he is a terrific play by play announcer and is truly dedicated to the Mountaineer Program.

Here's to the memories of Jack Fleming, here's the Tony and his ability to carry on the Mountaineer legacy and here's to true Mountaineer Fans, wherever you are.

Posted by: Eersfanatl/bd

Anonymous said...

I'm 38 yrs old. Born and raised in Pittsburgh and a WVU Alumni. Googling Jack tonight and seeing him on this thread in tribute brings a definite tear to my eye.

Fond memories of my childhood hearing him call Steeler games with intense passion that mirrored the Steeler fans pride.

Followed by my young adulthood has Jack a man who I as many felt we knew as Uncle or Grandfather would lead cheers downtown on High Street in Morgantown, whipping the student body into a literal frenzy the Friday before game day. Holding signs and a microphone, getting cars and people passing by to honk their horns and engage in a lets goooooo mountaineers cheer.

Jack Fleming is unique. Jack brought out the true, raw, emotions of a fan nation. It was biased but it was real. It was prideful but it was humble. Jack is missed.

If Larry Munson was anything like Jack, you were truly honored to have him!

"This is not a game folks, this is a CRUSADE"

Rest in Peace Jack. They dont make them like you anymore.

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