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July 13, 2006

Away Game Ticket Cut-Off Scores Announced

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The Athletic Association Ticket Office has determined cut off scores on Out-of-Town games for the 2006 season. All refund checks for unfulfilled orders will be mailed by August 15.

Out-of-Town Games:
  • South Carolina: All contributors with a cumulative score of 16,000 or higher will receive South Carolina tickets.

  • Mississippi: All contributors with a cumulative score of 12,850 or higher will receive Mississippi tickets.

  • Florida Club: All contributors with a cumulative score of 32,400 or higher will receive club level tickets. Please note if you ordered club level tickets and your score falls below this number, you will receive regular tickets along with a refund for the difference in ticket price.

  • Florida Regular: All contributors with a cumulative score of 6,800 or higher will receive Florida tickets.

  • Kentucky: All contributors ordering UK tickets will receive tickets.

  • Auburn: All contributors with a cumulative score of 19,506 or higher will receive Auburn tickets.
  • Cut-offs for home single games will be posted as soon as possible. Please check the website, for updates.

    Faculty/Staff Season:
    Faculty/Staff patrons who ordered this year with a priority from 1A-27E will receive season tickets. All orders placed for Dependents will be refunded.

    Please note that Faculty/Staff cut-off scores will be determined and released the week of July 17. Please check the website, for updates.

    PWD's Reaction:
    HOLY CRAP! I've never seen us have a ticket cut-off for the Ole Miss Game. If any of you want to hook ol' Westerdawg and/or Dawgnoxious up with a couple of South Carolina, UF or Auburn or tickets. We'd appreciate it.



    Anonymous said...

    Any suggestions for students needing tickets to Ole Miss?

    Unknown said...

    yeah, get your ass in a car, drive over there, chase Ole Miss hotties for 2 days, scalp a ticket and go home.

    That's my suggestion.

    (I haven't been a student for 10+ years so I don't really know)

    Anonymous said...

    If anyone as any extra's for any of the away games shoot me an email i will get them off your hands....

    Anonymous said...

    How do you get a score? Is it dollar per point..longevity...etc?

    Unknown said...

    the short answer is 1 dollar = 1 point of lifetime contributions.

    the long answer is that you *can* get a few points for being an alum. But not enough to mention.

    What the number mean:

    There are roughly 40k tickets assigned to fans with >7000 points

    There are roughly 10k tickets assigned to fans with >18,000 points


    Anonymous said...

    I really wish the GEEF had a way to check your total points online. By the time the cutoffs are announced, i never rememebr how much i had

    Cousin Pat said...

    PWD: You're a blogger and that makes you a media guy. Why don't you apply for press credentials? Its been working for some political blogs I read, why not sports?

    Unknown said...


    I think that UGA has a policy that you have to have a print publication to get a media pass. At least they used to.

    That was one of the reasons that and at one point put out a print mag.

    Not sure anymore.

    Regardless, the last thing I would EVER want to do is sit in the press box and NOT cheer for UGA. Much less act like a professional.

    I'm a fan. Not a media entity. A blogger. Not a pundit.

    So I've got very little interest in being part of the establishment. Interviewing recruits or current players has zero appeal to me. People like Josh Kendall do that better than I ever will.

    Guys that I want to interview aren't Matt Stafford and Dan Inman. They are Charlie Trippi, Dan McGill, Bill Goldberg, or Hap Hines. Ex-players.

    And I don't need media passes or permission from Butts-Mehre to do any of that.


    Cousin Pat said...

    Ture, true. Well said.

    Didn't think of it that way.

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