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July 12, 2006

Dawgs Abroad: Iraq, Bahrain, Korea and Japan

Photo unrelated to story. Just cool looking.

Back to the Dawgs Abroad series that started last week. This time, we have "Capt. DSNDawg" serving in the Marines.

After we put out the call for interesting stories, it became pretty obvious that Capt. DSNDawg was going to take the cake on the GSB frequent flyer program. He has surfed into the Georgia Sports Blog from Japan, Bahrain and Iraq. He initially said:
"I enjoy your blog along with Kyle's. IMO two of the best out there although, "Hey Jenny Slater" had an awesome Simpson's/college football article. Keep up the good work."
I asked what's the greatest length he has gone to keep up with the Dawgs. Here's his classic response:
Probably the closest I have to that (since Armed Forces Network is so prevalent where US forces are) is on a hilltop in Korea for the 1998 cocktail party.

We had a tactical communications network set-up and one of the Comm. Vehicles that was receiving a 32K (yes 32K) signal on top of a hill from 16 miles away south of our position. We had Defense Switched Network (DSN) phones set up also and one attached to that vehicle. Well I called DSN to Ft. Gordon in Augusta which then the DSN operator there switched the call to my mother's house for the game.

My mom at first tried to give a play by play but then just took the phone put it next to the TV so I could listen to it. Did I mention it was 3 a.m. when I dialed in? So I lay on the top of a hill staring up at the stars listening to the game via military DSN. Needless to say I hung up in the 4th qtr.

That's about as crazy as its got for me. Most times if I can't get the game I just have to wait until I get back somewhere where I can pull the game up online or on T.V. -- Capt. DSNDawg.
Thanks for the story and for your service to the country!


(Note: The photo above is unrelated to this story. I just wanted to post it. It's from the 2005 Auburn game in Athens. Taken from the Army's Silver Wings web site.)


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Unknown said...

Every so often I get pen pal requests like this. I don't think it's a function of the content as much as someone just hitting "next blog" up in the upper right hand corner and landing here.

I delete most of them b/c they are just trying to get you to click on their profile and expose you to obscene amounts of porn.

But I'll leave this one up. He seems harmless. And it's so over the top as to be funny.


Anonymous said...

LOL, PW has a stalker! I was really enjoying this article about great Dawgs and then read about Lauru and now feel dirty!LOL

Anonymous said...

well, Lauro seems like an OK enough guy. He's no Mahir, though.

(if you dont know who Mahir is, I'll be surprised. He's a Turkish dude who's last name, if I recall correctly, is Caghi)

Mahir is the gold standard for weird friendly internet guys, I think.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

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Unknown said...

This blog would be 10x cooler if Mahir ever started posting.

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Paragon SC said...

This is great. Will all the negativity about the in Iraq this is a good way to help keep the morale up with our troops.

Great job keep it up!!

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