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July 27, 2006

From the Mailbag: Ethical Issues Regarding GT vs. ND

From today's Mailbag. Confused in Atlanta writes:
Paul, I’m a daily (many times over) reader of your blog a day. I’ve decided to come to you for advice on how I should approach a situation.

See I have tickets to the Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame game on opening day. I don’t know what I should wear. I’m a protestant and I dislike Notre Dame almost as much as I hate Georgia Tech. What do I wear? Do I sport the red and black in enemy territory or just go neutral. I know we have 37 days to go but this is a question that needs to be addressed now. Thanks. - Confused
Dear Confused,

You turned to the right place. While I can't counsel you on picking a religion, I can guide you towards focusing your disdain and contempt. In this game, the Georgia Sports Blog will be pulling for Notre Dame to win by the widest margin of victory possible. Something on the order of 45-10 would be ideal.

In fact, the dream scenario involves GT fans throwing fish at Notre Dame fans and players, fighting with each other and showing their Total Person Class by booing the Tech players all the way back to New Jersey.

Back to your question of fashion. The obvious answer to your game day attire quandry is to wear neither GT or ND colors. Because frankly, they will look more or less the same in the crowd. Both schools have some form of gold, navy, and black in their rainbows. While GT doesn't have a true green, their "old gold" has often been reproduced as colors ranging from burnt sage to stale cheddar. Therefore, the obvious answer is to go with a Red and Black look for the game with a Georgia hat. Thus, you win either way.

It's an obvious call. for who to pull for.

Why pull for ND:
1. We rarely recruit against Notre Dame - This year, GT has seen a resurgence in its recruiting. Some of this is fueled by Gailey's contract extension, and some of it is fueled by finally firing recruiting coordinator and resident misfit Dave Wilson and replacing him with a competent recruiter. Currently, Tech is off to their best recruiting season since the Darryl Lewis/Key Fox class. This might be the biggest recruiting weekend for the Jackets in 15 years, and seeing their fans show their true colors during a huge blowout is good for UGA.

2. ND as a Media Darling - What does UGA gain from an ND loss? It isn't like the Irish would fall in the polls after losing to Tech. And if they did, how far would they fall? From #1 to #1a?

3. Turn to Billy Joel for Guidance - Billy said:
"Come out Virginia, don't let me wait. You Catholic girls start much too late."
Billy wrote this song from the standpoint of a high school age guy and "starting late" would be a huge problem for a male in that demographic. Ahh, but I've seen your email address. You're a professional, older guy. It's no longer a bad thing for you. Now compare this to the great philosopher Bubba Sparxx who said:
"What you need to do, is just admit you love me. The South has always been Dirty but now it's gettin ugly."
Obviously, Sparxx (a lifelong UGA fan) was discussing his encounters with North Avenue women. So, you've got nice Catholic Girls or Tech girls that want you to dress up for DragonCon with them before visiting their parents in Istanbul.

Tech lady at DragonCon. Photo:

Wear Red and Black, pull for a blowout and enjoy the game. Sincerely,

Paul Westerdawg
Advice Columnist / Sports Blogger
Georgia Sports Blog


pcm said...

I concur wholeheartedly.

Anticipating the 12:00 / 12:45 starting time for the Georgia - Western Kentucky game, some of my friends have explored the possibility of attending the Irish - Tech game in the evening. Should these tickets fall into place, I certainly intend to sport the same Red & Black attire from the Dawgs game earlier in the day -- just so everyone remembers who's boss.

Anonymous said...

This is the official Ugly Chick Bowl. Those Domers should ride by Athens on the way home just to get a glimpse of a girl sans braided leg hair.

SlobberKnocker said...

I think the ideal score would be 51-7. Wait a minute, they've already suffered through that one.....

Anonymous said...

Last year, i purchased one of the GT 1/2 season ticket ackages in order to secure my ticket for the UGA game. The package also included a Thursday night matchup with NC State and the game against Wake (which was UGAs off week). My frineds and I also chose to proudly wear UGA gear to all of the games. Since colors alone wouldnt stand out for the NCST game, we went full tilt and wore UGA Jerseys. We recieved a few strange looks, a few laughs, a few well wishes and a few lame "you're at the wrong game" comments.
It was fun to rub it into the techies that they needed UGA fans to fill thier stadium. Bottom line - go dressed in Red & Black

Dawgnoxious said...

This reminds me of a similar experience at the GT-NCSU game:

Anonymous said...

My hatred of all things Notre Dame supercedes any local rivalry. I, a UF fan, would pull for UGA, UT, FSU, and Miami over Notre Dame. Notre Dame represents the few things wrong with college football. Please, for the good of the game, root for the nerds.

Anonymous said...

It is rare that I disagree with both T. Kyle and PWD, but on this matter, I must. Kyle views this in utilitarian terms, but for me, with an irresistible hate for ND and immovable contempt for the Blight, this game, more than any other, is the meteor game. My dislike for the Blight was solidified during my three years of law school at Georgia in which the liars and cheaters managed three straight against us. prior to this, I'd viewed the Blight as a minor rival with some internet fans who had good senses of humor. 1998 changed all of that. The nice gys were replaced by dipshits, who talked louder and louder with each year. Suffice to say, I despise the Blight more than Tennessee or Awbarn.

But ND is also on the receiving end of a special kind of hate for me. During my undergraduate years at Ball State in the early 90s (after having spent many of my early years growing up in places like Gainesville, Florida and Athens, Georgia), I had my fill of sidewalk alums for ND who couldn't STFU about how great the Dome was, how ND was only concerned with national championships, how "we" [sic] do things the right way, etc, etc. As this was a period of sustained success (albeit, one sponsored by cheatin' ass Lou Holtz), they were more insufferable than Florida fans under Spurrier, because ND fans view success as their entitlement.

As I live here in Indianapolis, these pond suckers have once again come out from their holes to spout the same crap they did 13 years ago. I had to sit in a bar last November with hordes of the sidewalk alums around me watching ND/Stanford rather than clearing out of the place so that I could watch Georgia v. the Blight in peace. They disgust me. I wish they'd go away.

And for these reasons, this is more of a meteor game than any other game that could be played.

Anonymous said...


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