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July 17, 2006

hey...where's the wrestling and yoga jokes?

I got several emails and comments asking me why I missed a chance to take a bigger shot at Tech over the ridonkulous Yoga article in Sunday's AJC. "Surely, that warranted more than a mention."

Don't worry fellas. I'm not slacking. I blogged it over at EDSBS as part of my first installment as a guest blogger at what SMQ calls the "virtual Jean Short Capital of the U.S.A."

The Count would've been a better consultant for GT than DDP

While I'm at it, let me point out that Peter Bean beat me to the EDSBS punch with a story on the death of the Hooters founder. And so passes a great American. (Update: don't miss the MountainLair's comment on this. Classic and sums up my feelings nicely)



Michael Pigott said...

If DDP is a consultant for GT,I guess they'll fake-cover the point spread

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