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July 26, 2006

It's Finally Here! SEC Media Days Start Today

Nick Jones will appear with Richt and Moses (Image:

It'll be a light day of posting til late, late this afternoon when we start recapping the Media Days reports. Here's the Schedule from
1:10 - Alabama
1:10 - Vandy
3:10 - Georgia (Richt, Nick Jones and Quentin Moses)
3:10 - Kentucky

8:40 - Ole Miss
8:40 - Tennessee
10:40 - Arkansas
10:40 - South Carolina

8:40 - Auburn
8:40 - LSU
10:40 - Florida
10:40 - MSU

-- ABH Preview
-- Birmingham News Preview
-- Jacksonville Times Union Preview

Things to keep your eye on:
-- What fictious titles, awards or comparisons will Tuberville dream up for Auburn. Lately, he's dropped Harvard comparisons (based on a laughable APR) and called AU the winningest team in the SEC since 2001 (despite fewer overall and SEC wins).

-- Who will be Spurrier's whipping boy? Some have argued his own team. I look forward to the UF and UT shots. BTW -- Spurrier didn't bring Blake Mitchell to this thing. I find that odd.

-- UK - best story of media days would be the UK athletic director firing Brooks during his press conference, but it won't happen.

Totally unrelated, but funny. For the Best Photo Caption Contest. Ever. EDSBS looks at the gayest college football photo in years and challenges you to caption it. (from images). Note some profanity and all of the wall commentary. It's fairly safe for work the last I saw the thread.


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Michael Pigott said...

I'll miss because it's at 1:10, but can you tell if Mike Shula blinks even once during his interview.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "fictitious titles" by Tuberville for Auburn, if you recall what he said was that AU was the winningest team "IN CONFERENCE GAMES" this century. The numbers DO back up his claim. From 2000-2005 AU's SEC conference record is 36-12 with LSU and UGA right behind at 35-13. Check your numbers before you call out Tuberville.

Dan said...

And with ears like those Tubbs can actually hear what you're thinking.

I would be careful, PWD.

Anonymous said...

You really dislike Brooks, huh? While he hasn't won a lot of games at UK, no other coach in college football would've come in to that situation and do anything notable. On of UK's issues, with all the coaching changes, has been quality depth -- he's building that. While I doubt Brooks is the future (also note no one wanted the job, no depth, little talent) and Brooks came in as a favor to the AD.

While he hasn't accomplished much, he's begun to lay down a good foundation with good recruiting classes, shoring up some depth, and putting the program in place where a good might be presuaded in coming. However UK is not at that position yet and firing Brooks, meaning yet another coaching change, would be horrible for the program.

Unknown said...

Anon - that isn't what he said.

This is what he said.

"We're the winningest team in the SEC over the last five years."

Auburn has won fewer overall games and fewer SEC games than UGA and LSU. They've also won fewer SEC Championships and been to the title games fewer times than UGA or LSU.

They have a decimal point advantage in SEC percentage b/c they haven't been to as many SEC Title games as UGA or LSU.

It's a joke.

Graduating 98% of our players the past 3 years is horse sh*t too. Their reported graduation rates are historically at 48%. Total bullsh*t.

Michael Pigott said...

Never argue with someone who doesn't have the gonads to put their name to it.

Anonymous said...

whoever said "figures dont lie, but liars can figure" must have been thinking about the personification of Bernoulli's Principle that is Tommy Tuberville.

Incidentally, I had occasion to be over at AU a couple of weeks ago for a football camp. I rolled my window down and drove slow when I hit the campus, but no one tossed in a Sociology degree...possibly because it was a Saturday morning. Anyhow, at one point I was no more than arm's length from Coach Tuberville, enjoying the ample shade cast by those America's Cup mainsail sized ears. I would say he's about 5'8" and a buck fifty, tops. About 50 pounds of THAT is ears.

Anonymous said...

PWD: did you read the article that you linked to?

Tuberville said "we graduated 98 players the last three years" not we graduated 98% of our players which you say is B.S. There is obviously a huge difference.

When Tuberville said AU is the winningest team in the SEC over the last five years he is talking about regular season conf. games where AU is 36-12.

It is very humorous how Georgia fans can only make fun of the size of Tuberville's ears because of his 5-2 record against their school.

The fact of the matter is that in the post-Herschel era UGA is 7-15-1 against AU (7-16 against UF) and that really eats at Georgia's fan base.

Unknown said...

There is no time frame in Auburn's history where they have graduated 98% of their football players.


Right....except for the ones he runs off, or the ones that flunk out, the ones that go pro early, the ones that transfer, and the ones that don't graduate.


Anonymous said...

I can't figure out why you don't understand this.

98 players graduated in 3 years.


98 PERCENT(%) of the players graduated in a 3 years span.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

You know when the fan of a non-Florida school starts bringing up Georgia's record against Florida, he/she is really getting desperate.

And Tuberville's exact quote, as per that AJC story you insisted Paul read again like he hadn't already, was "We're the winningest team in the SEC over the last five years." Not "We're the winningest team in conference play" or "We're the winningest team in regular-season conference play" or "We're the winningest team in regular-season conference games played on grass in the month of September" or whatever the hell qualifier you're going to pull out of thin air next.

From 2001 to 2005 (NOT including 2000, since that wasn't during the last five years), Auburn and Georgia have both won 30 regular-season conference games. Add in conference title games and Georgia has won 32 to Auburn's 31. If you're talking about all games -- which it sounds like Tubbs was -- Georgia is ahead of Auburn 52-46.

All of which leads me to believe that, in addition to sociology courses, Thomas Petee is teaching basic mathematics down there on the Plains.

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