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July 26, 2006

Jimmy Clausen's MySpace Account

Jimmy Clausen's MySpace Page
Warning: Extreme profanity.

I've seen some bootleg, foul mouthed player MySpace pages, and this is up there with the all-timers. Depending on your employer's stance on you clicking profanity laced web pages, this may or may not be workplace safe. Looks real enough for me. lol.

Stay Classy Clausen.

What isn't real, but is much funnier is this photo of Jimmy from EDSBS.


ht to bigsteegie from


Nathan said...

That's got to be a fake, nobody leaves "Tom" as their friend. There's no comments from high school buddies, etc ... that thing screams fake.

Unknown said...


He's a clausen. How many HS buddies could he possibly have?

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I'm hoping it's a fake, if for no other reason than because I sincerely hope nobody actually spells that badly.

Michael Pigott said...

wat yu talken aboot doug. I thenk hee spels jusd fin.

Anonymous said...

It's fake. Jimmy says his brother went to UT, but really it was his brothers that went there. Don't think he's as stupid as the profile makes him out to be.

Anonymous said...

True that! ^^^ Rick AND Casey Clausen went to Tennessee, not just one of them! Anyway, there is another Myspace page that claims to be Jimmy's ... maybe everyone should check that one out to see if it's the real one!

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