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July 19, 2006

Moment of Bulldog Zen: GT Gets Its Geek On!

You can't make stuff like this up. Enjoy a Tech student project attempting to answer the question "what is a geek". I applaud their capacity for introspection.

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Anonymous said...

Having viewed this video and been left racked by spasms of laughter so intense that I think I may have pulled a muscle, some observations are in order.

First, is that this treads a very fine line between introspection and satire. At times, I was almost tempted to feel sorry for some of the earnest young geeks being interviewed. It was as if they didn't quite see the irony in attempting to define geekdom by someone who is essentially the peronification of it. The nerd girls, in particular, seemed to vacillate between sweetly oblivious and sweetly self conscious of their obvious geekishness.

Second, and perhaps more telling, the subjects of this mini-documentary (with the possible exception of the geekish pretty boy getting a haircut) are clearly examples of the tamer species of geek one finds on the GTU campus. They're shy, goofy, fairly harmless, and totally inoffensive.

Contrast that species with the dregs you find at GTU football games, especially the graduated ones. Especially the women. GTU's female fans are the most underatedly mouthy, profane, and ready to rumble chicks I've seen anywhere in the southeast. In my opinion, they're much more dangerous than the geek boys...possibly because they're used to dominating the geek boys without limits.

This clip has real potential. I can see how you could get an entire documentary out of this. My compliments to the authors, though I'm not sure they intended it to be quite the parody of GTU students it clearly is.

Anonymous said...

My office is at the Centergy Buildign at Technology Square. I get to (have to) see the Tech Nerds on a daily basis.
Tech has this thing called the Tech Trolly. Its basically a campus bus, but it only goes in a circle and it is painted like a trolly car. There is a Tech Trolly stop in front of my building. I have spent numerous days laughing as the Techies attempt to run to the Trolly before it pulls away. Watching nerds run (or try to run) is one of the funniest things i have ever seen.

Toon Dawg said...

I thought the Kenny G muzak in the background of the hair salon added a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

all school:

Your observation is right on about the Georgia Tech female fans.

What you are observing is TBS, or Tech Bitch Syndrome. It is well-known in the Atlanta and Athens areas.

TBS is attributed directly to the low female to male ratio on the Georgia Tech campus, where marginally attractive or socially adequate women are raised to goddess-like status within the dorkdom.

After attending only a couple Georgia Tech sausage parties, TBS sets in and goes straight to the brain of these unsuspecting young women.

Words like "princess" and "God's gift" accurately describe the attitude change that takes place. Once TBS sets in, there is no cure.

Even taking one out of her element to places like Athens seems to do nothing to change this attitude. Because she is largely ignored there, she tends to become even more mouthy and profane.

So this weekend in Sanford Stadium, these TBS women may be relatively few in number, but they will be easy to identify.

Knowing and understanding the root cause of TBS will help every young man avoid the risk of getting drawn into what would certainly turn out to be a disappointing evening and a colossal waste of time.

I only submit this as a public service to all those good Georgia Bulldog fans out there.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Tech people are not geeks. they are just smarter than you georgia fans, and you are jealous. just face it Tech is smarter than UGA. HA! Go Jackets!

Anonymous said...

Id like to see you guys try to get into GT. Wow... UGA fans trying to think is very funny...

Unknown said...


If you are going to question someone else's education, you should probably stop and proof your work.

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