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July 31, 2006

More rumors about a Oregon vs. UGA series

Autzen Stadium. Home of the Oregon Ducks.

This was talked about back in May, and it looks like the possible contract with Oregon is still alive. tips us off to a Seattle Post article mentioning that Oregon is still working with UGA on a contract for a home and home series in football. Highlight of the article:
Oregon has fought hard to earn legitimacy, and the program's ambitions under Bellotti and athletic director Bill Moos have paid off with the ultimate sign of respect: home-and-home game contracts with big-time foes.

The Ducks are putting the finishing touches on a contract with Georgia, a program notorious for refusing to travel outside the Southeast. The Bulldogs will join a list of past and future Autzen Stadium visitors that includes Michigan, Oklahoma and Tennessee. The idea of consistently luring those types of teams to Eugene would have seemed ludicrous 15 years ago.
The original Athens-Banner Herald article from May said the series wouldn't begin until 2014.

UGA future non-conference foes (source:
  • 2006 - Colorado (home), GT (home), UAB (home) and WKU (home)
  • 2007 - ??? (home), GT (away), Troy (home) and Western Carolina (home)
  • 2008 - Arizona State (away), GT (home), ???, and Georgia Southern
  • 2009 - Arizona State (home), GT (away), ??? and Appy State
  • 2010 - Colorado (away), GT (home) and ???
  • 2011 - Louisville (home), GT (away) and ???
  • 2012 - Louisville (away), GT (home) and ???
  • 2013 - Clemson (away)*, GT (away) and ???
  • 2014 - Clemson (home)*, GT (home) and ???
There are rumors for 2007 and beyond of BYU in a 2 for 1, and Kansas State as a one time visit in 2007. But nothing definite yet. I know this much...the guys at our end have gotten much better at keep these things under wraps until the end. It's the other guys (like Oregon and Cincy) who've been doing much of the talking. Not that I'm complaining.


*That's not a misprint on the Clemson home/away dates.


tdawg said...

As a Duck fan, a series with Georgia would be great. What a wonderful opportunity for both programs to show a different fan base what their programs have to offer.

Anonymous said...

As someone who's lived in both Athens (born & raised) and Eugene, I can't wait to show Oregonians what SEC football is all about. Go Dawgs!

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