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July 25, 2006

Photo of the Year Nomination (from ACC Media Days)


From the Jacksonville Times-Union: "Jordan Rich, 11, of Atlanta has his Georgia cap signed by North Carolina State coach Chuck Amato on Monday in Ponte Vedra. Jordan said that he asked Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey to sign the hat, but Gailey refused. Photo Credit: WILL DICKEY/The Times-Union"

Effective immediately, the Georgia Sports Blog names Jordan Rich as UGA Fan of the Week.

hat tip - Old Dawg


Anonymous said...

So, Coach Gailey, you snubbed a young boy asking for your autograph. Was it because:

1. You hate children.

2. You can't really write (you are, after all, a Florida man, and you were embarassed to "make your X" on the kid's hat.

3. You share the primitive belief that if you sign your name on something, the recipient steals part of your soul.

4. You felt the 11 year old kid was taunting your inability to beat UGA by asking for your autograph.

5. You were afraid that if you actually touched a UGA article of clothing, you would melt like the Wicked Witch did in the Wizard of Oz.

Actually, I'm sure GTU fans on the Hive PBM will be congratulating your for bravely refusing to be cowed by that vicious, mocking little SOB. Some will decry your failure to dough pop him in his smug little face, a al GTU tradition (See "Pizza Brawl," aka Kevin Salisbury v. Lisa Steffee for the heavyweight championship of North Avenue...except he had about 100 pounds or so on her). Others will no doubt take the high road and congratulate Coach Gailry for his class and restraint in not dough popping the kid, while offering that they will be looking for him this year in Athens so THEY can kick his ass.

This is slightly more petty than Urban "Point and Stare" Meyer's refusal to actually speak the name of any of the other schools in the conference. But, it's also a bit more entertaining.

Tune in next week when Coach Gailey refuses to talk to kids at Egleston if they're displaying any UGA items in their rooms.

Unknown said...

This tops that guy with the WSU Flag that attends ESPN College Gameday at other sites just to wave the flag.

As for All School - the Children's hospital line is a classic.


Anonymous said...

Gailey: Insecure.

What a jerk.

Get a life.

Get a sense of humor.

Can anyone see CMR not smiling at the kid and at least smiling and signing a kid's Tech hat? Now, you might argue that kids haven't worn Tech hats since 1962 and that Coach Richt has the right and obligation to sign things he owns...but still he'd do it.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of being at the 2004 Super Regional down in Atlanta. My friends and I witnessed a few GTech players refusing to sign a hat for a 6 year old UGA fan.

The lack of class obviously permeates the entire GTech community, and is in fact the 5th Tenant of what it is to be 'A Tech Man'.

Unknown said...

if I were Gailey, I would've signed it GO JACKETS CHAN GAILEY in huge letters. It would've been hysterical.

Small pee pee IYAM.

Unknown said...

"if I were Gailey, I would've signed it GO JACKETS CHAN GAILEY in huge letters."

Yeah, and if I were Chan Gailey I wouldn't have ruined my NFL career by sheepishly following the outright foolish dictates of Jerry Jones, even if it meant my dismissal as head coach of the Cowboys. But since I would be Chan Gailey and therefore have no idea how to coach a football team, I'd find some other way to mess up my NFL career and still end up right there signing that kid's UGA hat.

SmoothJimmyApollo said...

You guys are missing the big picture here. It is entirely possible that Gailey gets some kind of $5,000 bonus at the end of the year for not signing any Georgia memorabilia.

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