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July 6, 2006

What's YOUR record attending UGA games?

This topic was raised on the DawgRun, and it's a great topic for broader discussion within our fan base and probably for a BlogPoll Roundtable across the country.

The question was raised...what's UGA's record with you in attendance? My record since the 1989 season opener vs. Baylor:
    Overall: 115-47 (.710)
    Home: 73-21 (.777)
    Away/Neutral: 42-26 (.618)
By year breakdown:
    2005 - 10-3 (complete season)
    2004 - 10-2 (complete season)
    2003 - 9-3 (missed Vandy and Citrus)
    2002 - 13-1 (complete)
    2001 - 8-4 (complete)
    2000 - 7-4 (missed Oahu)
    1999 - 8-3 (missed GT)
    1998 - 9-3 (my first complete season)
    1997 - 9-2 (missed Vandy)
    1996 - 4-4
    1995 - 5-5 (missed Vandy and Ole Miss)
    1994 - 5-2
    1993 - 2-3 (*Best guess)
    1992 - 6-2
    1991 - 5-1
    1990 - 4-4
    1989 - 1-1 Baylor and SC has a very handy schedule guide that you can use to research this.

My record benefits from missing some awful losses such as UT '93, UF '93, UF '94, Vandy '91, UK '96, UK '90, Ole Miss '93 and Ole Miss '95. At the same time, I missed the monsterous win vs. Clemson in '91 and sat through 12 losses to the friggin Gators.

My record also benefits from his arrival. Obviously.

What's your record? Answer in the comments section below or swing over to the DawgRun and see other Dawg fans as they remember their record.


***Note: I remember nothing about '93. I was working many of those Saturdays. Looking back, I was a different person in that regard. I *think* I attended that many games in '93.


TNW said...

UGA's record while I am in attendance is 69 - 23 (.750). My first UGA game was in 1994 when Zeier hung 70 on some directional school from Louisana.
A futher breakdown of my record is located on my blog. I must have been really selective of the away games I went to while I was in school, because my record should be much worse.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Having grown up in Virginia and Tennessee, I haven't been a Dawg fan nearly as long as y'all have -- my record is 33-15 (0.688), but 15-5 (0.750) since Richt got hired. Although I'm still not convinced I should be counting the '99 UGA-GT game as a loss.

reipar said...

72-20. Most of the 20 were during Goff era, but man my season tix seats really improved thanks to that man.

Dawgnoxious said...

Overall record = 100-40 (.714).
Home = 57-17 (.784)
Road/Neutral = 43-23 (.636)

Currently riding a 65 game attendance streak (91 if you exclude games played outside the continental US--dman you Hawaii!).

Obviously Jacksonville is a drag on the ol' winning percentage...

Anonymous said...

With the sinful state the community is in now I pray that the Baptist don't try to influence football. We would be the Temple of the South and I'm not refering to a building.

CedarStreetDog said...


CedarStreetDog said...

Try living in Knoxville for two years, Jacksonville,FL for 12 years, Tampa,FL for 30 years and never missing more than one home game a year. It was tough, but worth it.

Traditional Dog said...

Cannot remember my first game or the first year - it was either '65 or '66. It definitely was before the Sanford Stadium upper decks were built in 1967. Therefore, my overall record is unknowable. I was young, and my father would take me to games like VMI, Vandy, and Kentucky (I thought Georgia beat every team badly). I did not realize until I was an adult that he took "grownups" to the more important home games. My first really big game was UGA vs. Auburn (Ronnie Jenkins, our fullback, fumbled late in the game and killed a Georgia rally).
I was a student at UGA for seven years, from 1975 through the 1981 season. We lost to Florida only once (1977) during that time. (Yes, I was in Jacksonville in 1980).
I gave up my season tickets during the Goff era and have not had them since, but I still go to many games, including the Cocktail Party. I have seen so many games, but it would be impossible to get a winning percentage - great question!

Anonymous said...

My first game was at Auburn in 1978. Joe Cribbs and James Brooks ran wild but somehow we tied 'em. Willie McClendon had a big day. Since then, I've been to more games than I can recall, particularly from 1990-2004, and have seen some great wins and miserable losses.

Right now, I would trade a 11 loss season for a win over Florida. That's how bad we need to beat those cracksuckers.

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