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August 16, 2006

Columbus Beat Writer's New Blog

If you haven't seen it already, David Ching is bringing something new and interesting to the Dawgosphere. His new site "Georgia Bulldog Blog" makes better use of the medium than other blogs we've seen from the AJC or other area pubs.

He's using the site to write "over flow" pieces that won't make the paper based on column inches available. Articles like this one which have more meat than many of the articles that will actually hit the papers.

Anyway, it's worth noting if you're looking for more info from practice than I've seen elsewhere. I'll add him to the blogroll soon.



Anonymous said...

Boy, you weren't kidding. That site is getting bookmarked. Best coverage I've read so far! Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure David Ching is the same guy who wrote an article about a week ago in the Ledger asking "5 Questions For UGA" regarding this football season.

the lead sentence was something like "As Georgia prepares for its opener against BOISE STATE, several questions remain to be answered." (emphasis mine)

I halfway expected one of his questions to be "Can DJ Shockley get the job done as a starting quarterback?"

I suppose anyone can make a mistake, but you'd think someone at the Auburn loving rag would at least look at a schedule. I dont mind that error so much; I'm just sick of hearing about *$(&*#()@^ Tommy Tuberville, who has apparently reached the top of the coaching mountain. He was already that arrogant. Would it be wrong for me to hope they go about 4-8? I'd take schadenfreude to new heights, should such a thing happen.

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