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August 7, 2006

Dan Magill = Damn Good Dawg...Plus Jamie Henderson Props

Dan Magill reels in the years and retells his first person account of President Franklin Roosevelt's visit to the University of Georgia 68 years ago this month. He also manages to name-check UGA's first All-American Bob McWhorter, Milton "Red" Leathers, former Governor E.D. Rivers, Chancellor S.V. "Stadium" Sanford and Gen. Howell Cobb. Georgia historians will understand why Roosevelt was not honored during the previous (and subsequent) gubernatorial administration.

Coach Magill is a living legend and tells a better story than any member of the Bulldog Nation. Read his article. We'll wait.

If you go visit Coach Magill in his office, he'll sign and personalize his excellent book, plus tell you a good story. Trust us.

Now that you're done reading Coach Magill's column, let us salute Jamie Henderson for beating astronomical odds in overcoming a life-threatening motorcycle injury to graduate from UGA Saturday.

Way to go, Jamie! GATA!
[Photo courtesy Athens Banner-Herald]

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Anonymous said...

Nice work, Dawgnoxious. Dan Magill is as thoroughly UGA as any person ever, including Dean Tate, Lewis Grizzard, and Larry Munson. He is always fun to listen to, and his tireless work with the tennis program is paying dividends years after his retirement. The Jamie Henderson story is what I have come to expect of Dawgs who fall on hard times (David Jacobs name pops up, e.g.), but still a good read.

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