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August 9, 2006

Fly Eagles Fly: GT *finallly* talking to Georgia Southern

Yesterday, the Atlanta Journal reported that Georgia Tech has finally sat down with Georgia Southern to discuss playing a football game.

GT obviously has no qualms about playing Div I-AA teams as they've booked Samford twice and Jacksonville State twice in the next few years. So why NOT keep the revenue in the state system? Why not schedule GSU and give them their shot in the big city?

Why has GT ducked GSU all these years?

Reason 1: A 55,000 seat stadium with 20,000 Georgia Southern fans in blue and white with 10k GT fans dressed as empty seats.

Reason 2: The fear of "what if." What if GSU does what Furman did in 1983, when the Furmies beat GT 17-14. What if GSU shows up with another Adrian Peterson? GSU could've beaten Duke a few years ago....the year that Duke put up 41 on Tech. In 2004, GSU scored 28 points against UGA, while Tech scored 13.

In general I oppose UGA or GT playing ANY Div I-AA teams. However, it looks like both schools are going to play 1 per year from here on out. If we've got to play one, why not give the Eagles a shot once every four years.?

A run like this vs. GT would've had me weeping openly with laughter.



Anonymous said...

I believe that I remember a few yechers giving us H@## for playing GSU a few years ago. Oh, how the worm turns.

SlobberKnocker said...

Whatever happened to Peterson anyway. I remember he was getting a chance in the NFL (the Bears?). Did it just not happen?

Anonymous said...

He's re-upped with the Bears recently. Right now he's drilling with first string since Benson and Jones are hurt. Pretty much still waiting for his shot.

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