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August 24, 2006

Gator and Wildcat News

Think happy thoughts. Click to enlarge.

Mayor Kyle of has his review of the 2006 Gators locked and loaded. Here's an odd stat from Kyle's article:
Prior to Coach Spurrier's triumphant return to his old swamping grounds, Georgia had a .662 winning percentage against the Gators and a .680 winning percentage against the Commodores. Before the Ol' Ball Coach came swaggering back into town, Florida was 1.8 per cent away from being Vanderbilt without the excuse of high academic standards.
To fully add to that thought, UGA has beaten the Gators the same number of times since '90 that Vandy and Kentucky have beaten UGA (twice each).

Unrelated, but also involving the SEC East...John Clay of the Lexington Herald has links to a variety of SEC articles of interest, and some depressingly pathetic stats regarding UK's road record.'s not depressing if you're a Louisville fan. If you're a Wildcat fan, it would certainly bum you out.



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