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August 31, 2006

Georgia Sports Blog's: On Notice Board

As others have said, I can't pass this up. The king of these internets today is the guy who invented this webo-widget for Stephen Colbert.

Sept. 3rd Update: Some regular readers from Young Life was very reasonable in approaching me to find out why they were listed. We talked this weekend, and it's all sorted out. Cool guys.



Anonymous said...

Haha, why is Young Life on notice? There's gotta be a good story behind that. . .

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Great link PWD. And by the way, that Munson-Pre-Game video from the other day officially ruined me for the rest of the work week. Thanks alot. You're on notice!

Alex said...

The greatest thing about this widget is that Michael Adams is one of the default choices on the site! HA!

Anonymous said...

Here's my list.

Quincy Carter
Deviled eggs
Boutros Boutros Adams
Tuscaloosa in Sept.
English Peas
Kroger cookies
Grease fires
Ray Golf

Happy belated bday... I checked your blog.

Anonymous said...

Whats the deal with hating on Young Life? All the folks I know involved with Young Life in Athens are huge Dawg fans who would go to any extreme to follow Georgia Football.

Anonymous said...

On Notice:

SC's Oline
Taco Bell
Notre Dame Hype
Chuck Norris
Mudcat's Car
Willie Martinez
Jello Shots

Unknown said...

LMAO - i can't believe I forgot Mudcat's car on my list!!!!

Unknown said...

bf - I got your email about Young Life.

I'll try and shoot you a note tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Field Goal Jesus
Watch for the Fake!
Fear the Deep Snappin' QB
Family Friendly Areas
Indoor Practice Facility
4th and 11
Quarterback Sweep
I'm Georgia!

SmoothJimmyApollo said...

I just wanted to second the Jacksonville cops notice. Those guys have been begging to be put up on the board for quite some time.

Trey said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Who has the heuvos to put Chuck Norris on notice?

That's ballsy, man. Stupid, but ballsy.

Anonymous said...

To be the best, you have to call out the best. BTW, I'm actually dead now.

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