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August 9, 2006

Granny Clampett: "I'm the Greatest Coach Ever."

Lou Holtz prepares for ESPN telecast

Ron Morris of The State throws Lou Holtz under the bus after reading Lou's new book, "Wins, Losses, and Lessons."

Morris says that you need to read the book along side "Under the Tarnished Dome" to get a full, accurate appreciation for Holtz's corruption life. The "Lou's Side Only Version" is a personally authored fluff piece on his individual greatness. I particularly like the part where he spends only 16 pages of a 318 page book on the Gamecocks. Including taking full credit for the Gamecocks hiring Steve Spurrier. Morris closes the article with a hammer:
“Do you think Steve Spurrier would have come to the University of South Carolina if we hadn’t built a competitive team that could win in the Southeastern Conference?,” Holtz writes. “I doubt it.”

Aside from the two Outback Bowl seasons, Holtz is flat out wrong on the competitive team part. His USC teams were 19-29 in the SEC, and Spurrier has repeatedly said he inherited a program not capable of competing for league championships anytime soon.

In a twisted way, though, maybe Holtz should take credit for Spurrier’s hiring. Would Spurrier have come to USC if Holtz hadn’t left the program in such a shambles? I doubt it.
What a phoney.



Anonymous said...


agree with your comments on Louser...

Shifting gears slightly, I thought I would share this gem from The State's gogamecocks forum (and if there is indeed any commality among dawgs and tigers, it's a disdain for all things gamecock):

I think Steve Spurrier will “throw” his first SEC title if he thinks he’s got a great shot at another the next couple of years. I see us getting there this year and losing to LSU.

I think Spurrier threw the Clemson game last year because he had already done enough to elevate himself to Saviour status in our state. He had to leave himself something to build on. This year, we’ll beat UGA, UT, FL, Aub, Vand, KY, MSU, slip to Ark (just a hunch) and win the East in tie-breakers. That will be good enough for this year.

11-1, with the only loss being Arkie?

Anonymous said...

Can you post the link to that forum? I've got to see this for myself.

Anonymous said...

sure, you can find that one, as well as many other irrational, deluisional posts at:

I think it's hilarious that thins poster has the cocks beating all 5 SEC-E teams and yet still needing a tie-breaker to win the division!!

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