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August 4, 2006

Hardcore Previews of Upcoming Dawg Opponents

Gamecock Preview? (Image: Augusta Chronicle)

The #1 reason that I like Kyle King's blog above and beyond the obvious reasons is simple this.

When Kyle King breaks down a game.
He breaks it all the way down.

Kyle's the type of guy that gets into the molecular structure of an opponent.

You want stats? Kyle can tell you the average margin of victory over the Gamecocks in Columbia vs. Athens. You want quasi-useless historical information regarding the other team's university? Kyle lets you know that the War Between the States delayed the initial opening of Colorado University by a year. You want to know the ideal Gameday Food when we play the UAB Blazers (whose mascot is oddly a dragon). Kyle is your blogger.

With that as a backdrop, I must confess that I have done you all a terrible disservice. I didn't slowly and dutifully spoon feed you Kyle's opponent by opponent breakdowns. It's almost immoral that I'm dropping these 4 on you all at once. Without further stalling...As he posts more previews, I'll link to them in a more timely fashion.

So start your reading. If you're man enough. Your employers will hate you all now.



Kyle King said...

Much obliged, Paul.

I hope you and yours have a good weekend. Football season's almost here, man!


Darth Scooter said...

My employer already hates me, so I might as well read something good while I'm here.

Wes Wolfe said...

So, Georgia's playing my alma mater (USC) and my parents' alma mater (UAB) this year? Shit, just add Bama this season and I'll have to make friends with the shady Chinese place down the street about getting dawg on the menu.

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