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August 9, 2006

Ranking the SEC Coaches' Wives

Katharyn Richt at #4?

DeepSouthSports ranks the Top 5 SEC Coaches' wives. Don't worry, it's fairly tasteful. The article was inspired by ESPN Page 2's ranking of greatest sports wives.

While the article makes quality use of Ed Orgeron jokes and finds a way to nicely segue into a Journey video, I must take umbrage with the writer only ranking Katharyn Richt at #4.

Hello, she's not just Richt's wife.....she's the team's water girl. Plus, she adopted two kids from a Ukraine Orphanage. And of course, she's a cutie. While I grant you that Shula marrying at Tampa Bay Buc cheerleader is impressive, Katharyn Richt's resume is pretty tough to top.



Anonymous said...

Amen! Lets not forget successfully battling cervical cancer and undergoing a radical & emergency hysterectomy. In addition to her various civic and charitable causes and making her home to numerous UGA football players at any time, she is unmistakably the #1 coaches wife. She is a blessing to our Bulldog Nation!!!

Dawgnoxious said...

And, if you brought Katherine Richt home to your mother, you wouldn't have to worry whether your mom wonders if she used to dance on a pole. If you marry a former NFL cheerleader, it is statistically unlikely your wife never danced on a pole.

Katherine Richt is someone of whom the Bulldog Nation can be proud.

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned,the Richts are the first family of the one compares.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Kathryn Richt as much as the next man, but did you see those 3 at the top? Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Orgeron got some good points of their own, or should I say good curves.

Anonymous said...

As one of the EDSBS guys said, Orgeron (and, in their view Shula, although I tend to agree with Dawgnoxious's point above) definitely outkicked the coverage.

Anonymous said...

i have known aunt Katherine my whole life. she is an amazing person. she has made uncle markthe person he is today. it was her that turned him into the avid christian he is. she is completely involved in her four children's lives, she is a water girl, and she has time to worry about her extended family before worrying about herself (cancer) she deserves the world.

and to be quit honest with you..i am sure she is proud to be number four, but she isnt mad that she isnt number one. she is an amazing person.

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