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August 18, 2006

Richt says QB decision imminent

Friday's scrimmage looms large as Richt says he's close to naming a starter (AJC). However, Richt does leave wiggle room for playing multiple QBs for several games. Josh Kendall adds to the QB story, and also mentions that the starting CB job opposite Paul Oliver is still up for grabs.

And Brad Harrison from also provides an update on the QB race.

As someone else said, I expect Joe T to be named starter and there to be 3 co-#2s. Then a week or so later, a #2 will be named and we'll have co-#3s.

Separately, the Columbus paper had an article about cross training the Offensive linemen yesterday.



Anonymous said...

o great one...can you share in your knowledge... what time is the scrimmage at sanford today????

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