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August 14, 2006

Tech Fans Face Agonizing Decision

We once again dip into the mailbag:
Dear Westerdawg, Given your history of excellent, fair and balanced reporting on the issues faced by our North Avenue rivals, I would be very interested in your take on their dilemma coming up on Sept. 2.

Unfortunately for the 3 or 4 Tech football fans, their season opener happens to coincide with DragonCon (in Atlanta the 1st through the 3rd, I think). How will they decide between their compulsion to hurl seafood and liquor at catholics and dressing up to attend the holiest of holy nerd-meccas? - Andrew
Well Andrew, you ask a great question. Attending a televised game against the Irish to open the season would otherwise be tempting to all 4 Tech fans. However, DragonCon is to nerds what Crystal Meth is to hillbillies. It's an near unavoidable addiction. For those that don't live in their parent's basement, and who've actually touched a boobie, DragonCon is:
Dragon*Con is America's largest, multi-media, popular arts convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film.
At first blush the answer for the Tech Man (sic) is simple. Just attend DragonCon festivities Friday and Sunday and swing by the game Saturday night.

Obviously, after attending the Parade at 10:00 am through downtown Atlanta Saturday morning.

In fact, it probably makes sense to combine your two true loves by wearing DragonCon gear to the game. As shown to the right.

But that's not the perfect solution either as the Game is in direct conflict with conference sessions such as:With so many competing options at 8:00 on Saturday night, any Tech "fan" that actually attends the game should get a personal thank you note from Chan Gailey. Instead, most of the GT faithful will probably suit up and just represent their GT colors at DragonCon. As seen in this instructional video:

For more on DragonCon:
Parade Images - Google

On a serious note, any Notre Dame fan who doesn't have hotel rooms booked for this game has made a HUGE blunder. 25,000 nerds are in town for DragonCon. If you waited til the last minute, you're staying way away from downtown.



Michael Pigott said...

Atlanta keeps getting closer and closer to San Francisco every day.

Anonymous said...

Life must suck to be a GT fan... first and foremost, Georgia kicked their ass this year in football, basketball, girls bball, and baseball...and hell even golf....secondly, GT isnt even relevant for most of atlanta, you've got the braves and falcons... o and prolly the most sought after sports stars are

1. Mike Vick
2. D.J. Shockley(did yall hear about all the barking in the dome when he came into the game) - second most sought after player on the falcons for autograghs...
3. any of the braves stars..

GT doesnt have a home. their are a few thousand people in this state that care about them, everyone else hates them so bad...

sucks to be them...

Once a dawg, Always a dawg, How sweet it is ( shock is living that right this minute )

Anonymous said...

Oh dont kid yourself, anon. Hardly anyone cares about the Braves in Atlanta.

IrishOutsider said...

the perfect storm...

Anonymous said...

Poor nerds.

It's never a good time to be a Techie, but the first week in September would especially suck. I hope their heads don't explode from thinking too hard and stuff.

Will Johnny Drama from Dragon Quest be in town? That'd make the final decision easy.

Papa said...

Hmm. Do you think anyone there might want to discuss the mental state of Myles Brand or the merits of the spread option in Klingon?

Anonymous said...

To everyone who hates Goergia Tech and says that Atlanta fans only cara about Braves and Falcons: YOU ARE EXTREMELY STUPID! First off if people did not care about Tech you would never even hear them mentioned. The truth is I hear something about Tech at least once a week. By the way has anybody ever heard of KEITH BROOKING. He happens to be one of the best players on the Falcons every year since he came into the NFL. By the way he went to Georgia Tech. He was apart of the infamous Bash Brothers!!!!!
You want to question the Braves or any MLB player that has come from Tech. Give me a break. When was the last time you heard of any Georgia baseball players even being mentioned in the majors let alone the Braves organization. Here are some star Tech baseball players who have made it in the MLB. Nomar Garciapparra, Jason Varitek, etc. Also when was the last time you heard of a Georgia Bulldog in the NBA? Dominique Wilkins from 20 years ago. Here are some Tech players who made it into the NBA. John Salley, Mark Price, Jarret Jack, Dennis Scott, Kenny Anderson, Stephon Marbury, etc. This blog is a joke!!!!! A couple of more minor points that all Bulldog fans will disregard as usual.

The last time your team won a championship (football):

Goergia: 1980
Goergia Tech 1990

The number of times that you have been National Champions:

Goergia: 2
Goergia Tech: 4

The better winning percentage of bowl games or bowl game wins for that matter:

Gerogia: Average
Georgia Tech: 2nd in the Nation behind USC or someone.

I could go on and on for days with statistics, but the truth is the fans of sports in the state of Goergia will always (majority) go for the bulldogs. It has always been this way and always will be, but the truth is that Goergia Tech holds more records that count. How do you measure the success of a team? By the number of championships they have won. Right? Again Tech has won 2 more than Georgia and a decade sooner. Why do you think so many people do not give the braves the respect they deserve? Because they have not won more world championships.

A loyal Tech Fan!!! Till I die!

Nathan said...

When we've been good - we've been very good. When we haven't ... we've been pretty darn average (see - last 5 years).

There's no middle ground of consistent 9 win seasons that builds an enormous fanbase and "tradition" like Georgia has done.

At the end of the day, I'll take our 4 big ones versus your 2 (we have the same number as Penn State for Christ's sake) - but I'd sure love to have a lot of those 9-10 win seasons and a packed 90,000 seat stadium too.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous",a few things....

First, learn how to at least spell the name of your favorite team and probable home state. Of the 13 times you mentioned the word "Georgia", you misspelled it 8 times. Looks like someone got an English degree from Tek...

Second, I would rather go to the Sugar Bowl and lose than go to the Emerald Nuts Bowl and win. Making matters worse, Tek LOST in the Emerald Nuts Bowl.

Third, you are ignoring alot of the great UGA talent in the pros. Off the top of my head in the NBA, Jumaine Jones and Jarvis Hayes. In the MLB, Jeff Keppinger plays for the Mets, and Will Startup is in the Braves organization despite your pronouncements to the contrary.

Fourth, the only "Bash Brothers" I recognize played for the Oakland A's and had the initials J.C. and M.M. Furthermore, Brooking has over a hundred tackles a year because he's too slow to be efficient in coverage, and then makes the tackle after giving up another 3rd and long completion over the middle.

Anonymous said...

Last time a "Goergia" Tech fan won a spelling bee: never

Anonymous said...

no, i know that no one cares about the braves, which is why they were last on my list, cause we know they are more popular than the hawks, ight to the nba question, we got jarvis hayes in the pros, he stays injured though... georgia isnt a huge bball school there is no question about it, but we still beat yall this year, to the MLB question, when do ever here about where someone went to college??? okay so lets go to the NFL... 1st and formost, CHAMP BAILEY- best corner in the league, then lets go hines ward- superbowl mvp, garrasion hearst, randy mcmicheal, ben watson, olandis gary, reggie brown, fred gibson, david greene, david pollack, thomas davis, greg blue odel thurman, dj shockley, kendrel bell, boss bailey, all the kickers...... damn son, we do produce.... and weve beaten yall 5 years in a row, yall beat us 3 times that dont even count, so how many times in a row have we actually beaten yall?? 11? 12? 13? dang i dont know, but UGA rules the state, is it just that way, for no reason. yea right, we dominate

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

OK, hold on. See, anytime someone like Mark Bradley or Jeff Schultz writes something about Georgia (an Atlanta columnist? covering Georgia sports? madness!), I'm used to hearing an endless stream of whining from Tech fans about how Georgia gets all the coverage and nobody ever pays Tech any attention.

But when we agree with that, and say that nobody gives a shit about Tech sports, our spelling-challenged anonymous friend leaps forward to inform us that, yes, people do care about Tech sports! And they get ALL KINDS of attention!

I'd watch my step if I were you, anonymous -- there are probably a bunch of Tech fans out there who are pissed at you for ruining their talking point.

Anonymous said...

"A loyal Tech Fan Till I die!" has reached the top of the spelling mountain.

Anonymous said...

John Salley went to "Goergia Tech"?
well shit... winner, winner, chicken dinner. John Salley.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I mispelled Georgia a million times because I was typing real fast and was not worried about it. You do not know what you are talking about when it comes to the Bash Brothers though. They were a part of football and not baseball. Keith Brooking was one half of them. Actually I did not go to tech because I did not have good enough SAT scores to get in. What do you need to get into UGA? An 860? I think it is funny that out of all the reply's only one person even brings up the fact that you have less outstanding records at Georgia than you do Tech. The only thing Georgia owns Tech on is fan base and head to head matchups. I will give credit where credit is due. When it comes to the last game of the season Georgia has a 95% chance of winning. As far as the players in the major sports, they can be a wash. It is pretty obvious that both schools have produced athletes that moved on to the Pro level. I was merely just trying to point out the significance that Tech has contributed. One team has more athletes that went into the NFL and one team has more athletes that went to the NBA and MLB. It can be a wash as far as I am concerned. The truth is both are good schools, but growing up a Tech fan in Georgia and reading the previous comments kind of puts you on the defensive. Lets face it. Georgia is god around here and if you are a Tech fan you are always number 2. I just wanted to show that Tech deserves a lot more credit than they are given. I also wanted to point out the class the Tech fans have. Anybody who has been a fan at an opposing stadium knows what I am talking about here. If you are a Tech fan in Athens you get stuff thrown at you, people call you names, people want to fight you etc. (even when Georgia still wins -- which is pretty much a forgone conclusion the last decade right). If you are a Georgia fan at Tech, however, you do not get anything close to the treatment that Georgia fans dish out to their enemies. Everybody will stick by there team if they are a true fan so that is what I am doing. i completely respect your arguments against my comment, but that does not change the facts. Tech's history has a long tradition of success. Heisman, Dodd, etc. I guess in tosay's world people are only worried about what have you done for me lately? If that is the case then I guess Georgia should be praised for the "kinds" they are going to and Tech should be happy to claim a more recent National Championship. For all of you nay sayers who say we had to share the National Championship in '90 with Colorado I leave this for you: Colorado was given 5 downs by a stupid referee and won the game when they should not have. If you do not believe me then look it up. The truth is Tech got screwed out of the entire title because of that play. If there are any other misspellings I apologize. Not everybody can be perfect like the gentleman that pointed this out to me. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Georgia should be praised for the kinds of "bowl games"

Anonymous said...

Another funny thing. You keep pointing out my mispellings on this blog. Get a life. For one some of you keep pointing this out as if I went to Tech. 2 even people as smart as the ones that go to Tech make spelling errors. If I truly did not know how to spell or write I would not ever have graduated college or even wrote Georgia correctly 1 time.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Good gravy, is it mandated in the Constitution that every time a Tech fan gets into an argument with a Georgia fan, the Tech fan has to whip out that "Georgia fans are cruel to opposing fans and call them names and spit on them and blah blah blah, but Tech fans are as pure as the driven snow" argument? Has that one not been proven to be a joke at least a million times already? That's like when Ann Coulter goes on TV and says that all Democrats are hatemongering fanatics while all Republicans are loving, cooperative souls who would never say an unkind word to anybody. It's the "the world is flat" of smack talk.

Anonymous said...

To Doug:

I am just pointing out my experiences. It is kind of funny that many others have the same as well. You are probably the 40 year old drunk redneck who tried to fight me at a Goergia/Tech game in Athens when I was 15! The politics analogy was a stupid one. I was very nice in my comments and gave credit where credit was due for Georgia. They definately have a better head to head matchup against Tech than Tech does against Georgia. What the real funny thing as much as I am getting bashed on this blog I am still pointing out Goergias accomplishments and all you can do is talk about how Tech fans complain and play the Georgia Jerry Springer card. Well the Georgia side of you has been coming out in your posts. I respect yopur opinion, but that does not change that you are pretty much naive to the facts. Anyway I agree with you about Anne Coulter. She is so far to the right it is not even funny, but she is till a very smart and intelligent woman.

Unknown said...

Ann Coulter may be a loon, but she knows how to spell "Georgia".

You STILL can't nail it.

Anonymous said...

annon.... was that a joke about the SAT thing??? UGA is one hell of a school... sure tech is good at engineering( but the stadium could use work ) but UGA is good at there stuff too... ag.. law. buisness. med.

Anonymous said...

"However, DragonCon is to nerds what Crystal Meth is to hillbillies."

In that case, the redneck Georgia fans must know their Crystal Meth.

Dan said...

Why is it that all of the GT fans that post on here anonymously work their hardest to kill the academic superiority angle? Hell, I'll give you the spelling errors, but would it kill you to try the Enter key every now and again?

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

You are probably the 40 year old drunk redneck who tried to fight me at a Goergia/Tech game in Athens when I was 15!

Given that I turned 28 in June . . . probably not.

I am, however, the guy who, along with a couple friends, nearly got jumped by a posse of Tech students after the UGA-GT game in 2000 for having the audacity to suggest that tearing the shit out of our hedges, then parading around with the bogarted branches, was a classless thing to do. Now, have I gone around for the last six years dwelling on that incident and holding up Tech fans as an example of all that is wrong with competitive sports fandom? Nope. I simply accept that every team has its share of dipshit fans and move on.

You guys, however, seem incapable of stringing together two sentences without launching into some weepy self-righteous speech about how horrible the vast, vaaaast majority ('cause you know almost every one of 'em!) of UGA fans are. Usually retelling some apocryphal story about how your cousin's girlfriend's best friend heard from this other guy who went on a Web site and read a story by this other dude who supposedly got peed on at Sanford Stadium.

It's old. It's tired. It just makes you look like an asshole. So spin your fanciful "all UGA fans are unkempt visigoths who roam the countryside attacking people" yarns on The Hive or something, 'cause I don't think anyone's interested in apologetically prostrating themselves before you here.

Anonymous said...

dannng you just got served

Anonymous said...


As usual you are an idiot. I do not need to talk about how Georgia fans are stupid or classless or whatever until I get to your threads. It just keeps coming up because its true. The truth is none of you can at least acknowledge that Goergia Tech is a good school (for sports) without bashing someone like me or tearing a new hole into someone for sticking up for their team. It is funny how it takes 4 or 5 of you to comment on how stupid and ignorant I am. It also takes the same amount to constantly point out that I am using some sort of the same ol rhetoric that us always used against Georgia and their fans. I call BULLSHIT. Do you know how many times I have heard the same thing from the other side. Its a F@uC%'n joke. Anyway you guys can stop complaining about my comments and actually write something back that makes your team look good. I have thrown numerous stats out there for you to eat up, but all you can focus on is the other comments after I made my initial. That tells me that you are not ready to recognize Tech's accomplishments compared to that of your beloved Georgia's. By the way: GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA

Is that enough GEORGIA's spelled correctly for you. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I am a ramblin wreck from Georgia Tech and a helluva engineer.
I drink my whiskey clear!

Anonymous said...

This is in response to the SAT question. Yes I was joking about the SAT score to get into Georgia. I know Georgia is a good school, but it is still a lot easier to get into than Tech. I should know since I git accepted to one and not the other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Leave the Techie alone. He actually makes some good points. The truth is that both schools are decent it's just that Georgia is way better. We have 3 or 4 QB's to go to. Tech has Reggie Ball. So we win. Go Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

At least we know what we are getting out of Reggie Ball. By the time you guys figure out who plays what down in what situation ..... we will have more wins than you. :)

Jason said...

Of course, we too also know exactly what you're going to get out of Reggie Ball: 4 or 5 losses.

Anonymous said...

You know, I was going to sit this one out. I really was. Tweaking thin skinned Tech twirps is so easy, at times it isn't even fun. It isnt that the other UGA responders need the help; I finally just wanted in on the fun.

First, no one in Atlanta does care about Tech sports except Tech fans...of which there are precious few. A simple glance around the Joke By Coke at last fall's UGA game should have made that clear. There will probably be more members of the Knesset at Mr. Ahmadinejad's next inaugural ball than there will be casual sports fans at any Tech sporting event. Pretty sad when UGA, Clemson, FSU, et al can all come close to, or actually exceed the home team gate at the Joke.

Keith Brooking as an example of the superiority of the Tech athlete? Pardon me while I laugh uproariously. Yeah, he was a Bash Brother, alright. I bet the guys at Furman were scared to death of him and that no talent fatass running mate of his, Ron Rice. The two of them were a combined 0 for 8 against UGA. Congratulations on the double Golden Sombrero, Bash Brothers. Of course, you cant find a Tech player since the Kennedy adminstration who actually had a winning record against UGA in football, unless you go the to the cheating years of 98-00, when Tech was blatantly violating NCAA rules to keep Joe Hamilton and several other key players "eligible."

Which brings me to the whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine about how Colorado "cheated" you out of a national championship because they benefited from a bad call in a game against Missouri. Tech fans who make this argument are, to put it plainly, idiots. Did Tech forfeit the regional final game it won because Kenny Anderson got credit for a 3 which the replay showed was after the buzzer, and was also just a 2 because his foot was on the line? No. Did Tech forfeit the 99 UGA game? Does UGA claim that as a win? No. Bad calls happen, nerds. When you guys give all of yours back, then talk to me about Colorado. You nerds wont even give back the games you CHEATED to win. The hypocrisy of Tech fans is predictable, laughable, and shows no sign of abatement in this or any other lifetime.

The purported "academic superiority" of Tech people and Tech athletes is another joke. Most of you nerds cant diagram a simple declarative sentence, or write a 100 word screed without misspelling half of it. "A loyal Tech fan! Till I die!" may have scored 800 on the math section of his SAT, but my fourth grade English teacher would have beaten him, had he the nerve to turn in a composition with a sentence (sic) like that in it. You may be geniuses at math, and no doubt Tech is a very fine engineering school. However, you nerds are only fooling yourselves if you think UGA isnt a first class university, too. Most Tech people perpetuate this myth because it makes them feel better about being hapless, screeching nerds who couldnt get a date in a women's prison with a pocket full of pardons.

And then there's the next point of Geek Pride: Tech has 4 National Championships! To UGA's 2!!! (sorry, I lapsed into Techbonics there).

To this, I can only say: Congratulations. Tech won 3 national championships, or parts thereof, when players wore leather helmets, no facemasks, and raccoon coats on road trips. Harvard was a national football power once, too. So was Army. Hell, dinosaurs once ruled the earth. Guess what, nerds? No one cares that you won a championship in 1917, or whenever it was. 150 pound white RBs were all the rage once, too. They'll rule college football again before a sad sack program like Tech wins another national championship.

As for the 1990 anomaly, what a joke. You couldnt beat a sorry UNC team. You played the (then) worst Nebraska team since the 50s in a 4th rate bowl. Colorado won every poll but one. Face it. They'd have put a beatdown on Tech that year of Biblical proportions.

and finally, there's the last arrow in the limited quiver of all Tech fans: UGA fans are just inbred rednecks. Why, Tech fans take their lives in their hands just entering Clarke County! UGA fans will fight you for breathing too loud! In your own car!!! (ooops. Techbonics again)

I hear this crap all the time, yet I've only seen Tech fans start fights at games, including this year, when two drunk, profane 30ish Tech chicks literally tried to punch out a couple of mild mannered 65 year old UGA men who had the temerity...THE actually SIT in the seats THEY PAID FOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen, anonymous lying nerd waste: It wasnt UGA who hurled bottles and debris at an opposing team in 1978, forcing them to hide out at midfield. It wasnt UGA fans who did $100,000 worth of damage to an opponent's stadium, after trampling a bunch of people in wheelchairs. It wasnt UGA fans who threw a bottle at a referee, injuring him, a few years ago. It wasnt UGA fans who got their asses kicked after starting a fight with the Maryland band. Or who threw more drinks, garbage, debris at the UGA band as it simply...marched off the 2003.

You want to know why no one respects Tech athletics? It's because Tech fans are hypocritical blowhards who can't spell, can't tell the truth, and can't let go of the good old days in 1930 when livin' was easy and Tech football was actually decent.

and oh yeah....Hew?tt has a losing record against us, too. We own his nattily attired ass, just like we've owned the rest of you since 1964. Chew on that, sparky.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

The truth is none of you can at least acknowledge that Goergia Tech is a good school (for sports) without bashing someone like me or tearing a new hole into someone for sticking up for their team. It is funny how it takes 4 or 5 of you to comment on how stupid and ignorant I am.

Dude, did you ride over here on the short bus with the special people?!? You're posting these comments on, this just in, a Georgia fan's blog. Are you sitting around waiting for someone to jump up and agree with you about how awesome Tech is?

You already acknowledged that Georgia pretty much owns Tech in terms of head-to-head competition in any sport that matters. What exactly are you waiting for us to respect you for? Take your lumps, go back to The Hive, and quit embarrassing yourself here. Even your fellow Jacket fans think you're a moron!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dawgs..Give the techies their due....They still have more SEC titles than Auburn.

Anonymous said...

ALL SCHOOL- WELL SAID< i couldnt agree with EVERYTHING you said anymore... but i would like to add something.... annoyn said something about he knows exactly what ball will bring to the table, and by the time we settle on a qb tech will have more wins than us.... they have 4 sure losses, ND, VA tech, miami, and US... and how do you know what reggie ball is going to give you, he has been the most inconsistant qb in the nation in the past 4 years... it doesnt matter who we start joe t, stafford, cox or barnes, either of them will out play ball in athens....

Anonymous said...

UGA fans love to resort to nerd jokes instead of looking at the facts. GT has better basketball, golf, and baseball programs, and the football team has been historically better although not recently. GT still has 4 championships and currently 30ish pro players to Georgia's 35ish, not a big deal. This is because GT has some actual standards so they can't just go and get some retards and pass off their 700 SATs as college material. And the fact that UGA defends their team as if their popularity among the inbred, redneck, population of the state means anything is laughable. That's like saying GWB is a good president because he was elected twice...wait nevermind, you guys actually think Bush is a good president. Basically what I'm saying is that GT represents everything that's good about the state of GA, while UGA embodies all the state's unfortunate regressive and racist past.

Anonymous said...

Man Law-

National Titles claimed prior to the advent of the forward pass sound good, but don't really mean squat.

Man Law-

You can't claim opposing fans are horrible until you've personally been put in the hospital by a group of three drunken frat boys from said opposing school. (Damn You Jacksonville!)

Unknown said...

You twits should go back and research these powerful 4 national titles.

I at least give you credit for not trying to convince us that it's 6 titles.

The titles were and are a sham.

Most were awarded by computers and historians DECADES after the fact. These historic championships are basically science projects gone bad.

The 1956 "Title" was awarded by the Berryman Poll.. Berryman is a Wisconsin professor who's research project gave GT a title in a year when every recognized poll had Oklahoma on top. The 1956 Sooners were Bud Wilkinson's Greatest team ever.

The 1956 team didn't even win the SEC for goodness sake! They came in second.

The 1952 title is "awarded" by the Berryman Family again, and the INS Poll. The INS consisted of 6 sports writers comparing notes on who they thought was best, and then letting Citizen Kane (aka William Randolph Hearst) publish their results. The INS poll wasn't taken any more seriously than Golf Digest or Playboy Magazine's ratings in 1952.

Every legit poll in 1952 named Michigan State as champ.

In 1951, the Berryman Poll again stands alone as awarding GT a national title. Even the Boand Poll couldn't give GT a full share of the title.

GT's only legit claims to a national title are 1928, 1917 (BEFORE Face masks, integration and indoor plumbing) and 1990.

UGA has 2 legit titles that it flies banners for. 1980 and 1942. And we have the decency to list 1942 is a co-title.

We don't bother flying banners for science projects.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't let this comment stand:

GT has better basketball, golf, and baseball programs, and the football team has been historically better although not recently.

I might agree that hoops was a better program if the Bill Self of the ACC wasn't coaching. But given that our coach, with our lowly regarded recruits, has a 2-1 record against the most underachieving coach this side of Pat Kennedy's stint at Depaul, I really must dispute your assertion. Baseball? 2 trips to the College World Series in the last three years. And don't we own the head to head record against the Blight over that time (I'm too lazy to look it up right now)? Finally, golf. You really didn't just say that your program, that seems to be living off of your time with Matt Kuchar, is really better than the program that has won two national titles over the last few years and spent the entire regular season at number one, did you?

Just shut your pork trap. You're a third rate athletic department and you can't come close to Georgia's success in just about anything. God, you people are dumb.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Well, anonymous, I was going to inform you that according to CBS Sportsline, Tech has only 26 players in the NFL compared to Georgia's 49; remind you of all those Tech players who were recently declared academically ineligible, so Tech apparently did "go and get some retards and pass off their 700 SATs as college material"; and point out that Georgia has a substantially better record than Tech both head-to-head (obviously) and in terms of all-time winning percentage (.649 to your .596). But then you had to go on that rant about Georgia being full of racists and the source of all that is evil in the world, so there's clearly no point in trying to use any sort of actual logic or statistics with you.

You've jumped the shark. Go home, have a warm cup of Ovaltine and take a nap.

Anonymous said...

You think you know, but you don't - Jim Mora

Anonymous said...

"....the football team has been historically better although not recently."

now, that's comedy GOLD. Not recently? There's an understatment of heroic magnitude. Tech has barely been playing football for 100 years. Since 1964 (that's 41 years ago), UGA has been clearly superior to Tech's football program. Or does losing 7 out of every 10 not indicate superiority in your world, nerds?

I guess that under Tech logic, such as it is, the Romans were historically more of a world power than the United States, though not recently.

Who would you be more scared to go to war with today, sparky?

Mae West was historically more of a sex goddess than Jessica Alba, though not recently. (and not just because she's dead.)

Who would you like to have a date with today, sparky? (like that's happening in this lifetime. Even Mae West's corpse has higher standards than the likes of Techsters)

Yeah, you guys bleat on all you want about how great Tech football was in 1917. UGA will just keep kicking your collective asses and enjoying the tortured wails of anguish from chimps like you about how you are TOO a "historical" power. Though not recently.

Anonymous said...

When Tech fans get angry, it's like listening to an irate Dwight Schrute. It's hysterical to watch them get mad.

Dawgnoxious said...

Basically what I'm saying is that GT represents everything that's good about the state of GA, while UGA embodies all the state's unfortunate regressive and racist past.

I'm honored to live in a state with a "progressive" school like Georgia [<--spelled correctly] Tech, a school whose fans know how to treat visiting catholics from Notre Dame: with Southern hospitality and class. Congrats for not being the kind of mouth-breathing hatemongers who would throw fish at a visting school's Catholic fans.

Dan said...

Well I voted for throwing blood stained Underoos at them, but was shot down.

Anonymous said...

Historically, Vandy is a national power. For some reason the Commodores don't run around claiming how great they are.

Russ said...

Holy moly! I haven't been around the blogs for a while, and this is what I come back to! This is the funniest stuff I've read in a long while.

The anonymous techster should have his own blog. I'd read his comedy every single day!

Anonymous said...

To everyone who wrote on this blog defending Georgia (<-- Spelled Correctly Leeches):

Talking about how we cheated so that Joe Hamilton would be eligible for games is a joke. Does anybody remember the basketball fiasco that Georgia had with the father and son duo? Such questions as, How do you spell the color red? These types of questions are tough! I can understand why Georgia is such a tough school to get a passing grade! Especially when it means that your basketball wannabes will be eligible to play. :)

Talking about how Keith Brooking was a joke in college and currently in the NFL is retarded, but then again it’s coming from a Georgia fan. I guess we will never know about the Colorado scenario now will we. I keep reading that Tech had a TIE against a mediocre Tar Heel team. Well if, I stress if, the ref had made the right call in the Colorado game they would have had one loss to our undefeated season. Hmmmm.

What Georgia players have had such stellar careers in the NFL? Heinz Ward. Wow, so you have almost matched the caliber of Brooking (Pro Bowl every year). Who was that other guy? Oh yeah, Herschel Walker. Where is he now? And, who was that other guy? Quincy Carter. Is he in rehab? You are right. You have produced many "great" athletes! They are "great" disappointments.

Reggie Ball may be inconsistent, but he is more formidable than Terewho? Terewho would win jack without a decent defense. At least Ball could win some games off of his offensive abilities.

To Doug: did you by any chance read the other Tech threads? I do not think they consider me an asshole like you. They actually agree with me. You are a chump. Using your pithy "magazine" words doesn't change the fact that you only needed an 860 SAT to get into UGA. I like how your buddies, who are lead by king dipshit, (Oh I mean Doug) keep bringing up how the other 2 Championships do not count because they were in the leather helmet era. Well the Daaaawwwgs won one in the 1940's so does that mean they have actually only won one National Championship? Then that means Georgia is even worse than I thought.

For the last time, I did not go to Tech I have actually partied many times at UGA which is why I know so much about the stupid fans and students you have. Not all Techies are NERDS. Can anyone say myth? I like to compare it to another myth I have been reading in these threads. That is, Georgia is actually a good school ..... Georgia has produced great athletes or at least more than Tech ..... Georgia only wins championships that count ..... Georgia athletics don't cheat .....!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

You are all stupid and it shows. Like I have stated earlier, it takes every one of you to accomplish what I can do by myself. That must be the Tech side of me coming out.

Just for the record. To my counterpart: GEORGE BUSH is a good president. If you do not like him then take a flying leap. I only made the comment about Anne Coulter because she is border line Looney. Anyway this is not about politics (Except towards Doug), but sports. sports, sports, sports. I would only expect someone such as Doug to start a political discussion. Trust me you do not want to get into that. As soon as Doug reads a political thread he would start with the Democratic talking points.

(Reporter talking to Pedestrian....)

So who would you vote for in the next election if you could vote for anyone you wanted?

Pedestrian's answer: Ugghh, anybody but Bush.

Reporter: Why not Bush?

Pedestrian: I hate him.

Reporter: Why do you hate him?

Pedestrian: I just do. He has ruined the country.
And where do the valid reasons exist?

Doug, I assume you come from this background. You would get dominated. I am not surprised since you work in the "magazine/media" field. If you were in talk radio I would know where you stand, but you are apart of the New York Times Southern division aren't you?

Anyway back to what matters and that is dominating you Georgia fans. Can you actually come up with something tangible and not hypocritical, such as making fun of my spelling errors. Have you read through your own threads? Here is a couple from your beloved ALL SCHOOL:

Twirps should be Twerps mister great education.
Adminstration should be Administration

Beatdown is 2 words --- Beat Down

Just to name a few.

Famous quote (Look it up daaaawwwgggsss):

No one is perfect, but everyone is hypocritical!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you Georgia fans just got served big time! That anonymous Techie knows what he is talking about.

There were 3 championships years ago and not 2 though. To be fair to Georgia fans, what about Champ Bailey?

You were spot on with the rest of your arguments. Brooking does not get enough credit especially since he has played on mediocre Falcons teams. If he had played on super bowl type teams his whole career then everybody would know about his consistent play and pro bowl appearances. After reading through these comments the only thing coming across as anything substantial, for Georgia, is the supposed football prowess. I would be willing to bet that all of these Goergia fans, that are writing in this blog, have never even played team sports or football for that matter.

Last time I checked there were other sports than football. What about Georgia basketball, baseball, etc. So big deal, you have actually beaten Tech a couple of times in basketball and baseball, but Tech has been more consistent through the years with those programs. Can anyone say NCAA March Madness championship game/final four and many, I repeat, many World Series appearances.

Comparing the two sports programs is not even close. Georgia does have a decent football program, but that is about it. Who cares about golf and gymnastics anyway? I must say that Tech does usually have an outstanding golf program though.

You Georgia fans can keep living in your little fantasy world where you are always better than Tech. It must be because you know you need to prove yourself to everybody.

Unknown said...

Hines Ward - Super Bowl MVP
Terrell Davis - Super Bowl MVP
Richard Seymour - All Pro (not just pro bowl)
Marcus Stroud - All Pro

About 40% more NFL players on active rosters. About 15 active players with NFL Super Bowl rings.

10 UGA players were playing on NFC/AFC championship weekend this year including Champ Bailey, George Foster, Ben Watson, Richard Seymour, Patrick Pass, Mack Strong, David Greene, Arnold Harrison, Verron Haynes, and Hines Ward. Were there ANY GT players on those 4 teams? I think not.

GT has Keith Brooking and who...Kelly Campbell. LMAO! The best GT player in the past 50 years couldn't even make an NFL roster in Lil Joe.

UGA has 1 National Title in Baseball. GT has 0.

UGA has 5 Super Regionals in baseball. GT has 2.

UGA has won 22 national titles in the past 30 years in all sports. GT has won 1...and they had to share it.

If you want to compare scores at the Geometry Bee, you win. But if you want to talk sports, you're smoked.


Anonymous said...

Is anybody even reading these statements accurately?

Does anybody even take note that Georgia did not become that good of a football school until the last decade? Not to mention that their whole notoriety comes from beating Tech. How come Tech sucks, but it takes Georgia fans bragging about beating Tech to make their school look good.

How long has Tech been good? For better parts of the century! And how many years did Tech defeat Georgia in a row before the roles were reversed? You girls defending Georgia are dumb and it shows.

Your fan base comes from school attendance and that is because it is a party school with more sluts and less emphasis on academics. Easier school to get in = more attendance and focus on athletics. It kind of makes you wonder why they have not been better over the years.

Let’s discount how good the Yankees have been the last century. I mean they did when championships with 6 fingered gloves right? You girls are stupid. Lets discount the Heisman trophy as well because lets face it, Heisman was in the old era.

Head to head match-ups were only meant for football in the last few years. Read the comments again.

Georgia has had more scandals than Tech as well. Are you kidding me?

I must say that the other Tech supporters are correct. I am on the west coast, but I can smell the Georgia bullshit from here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paulwesterdumb: I think you need to check your stats again there buddy.

First off, wow you had more Georgia players in the NFL playoff games. Oh my god. Stop the press. Maybe I should mention how great Joe Hamilton was with Berlin winning championships in NFL Europe and now in Arena football. (I think not)

The other players you mentioned as all pro were not all pro consistently for their whole career. The Super bowl MVP's happened to be on really good teams otherwise they would have been somewhat forgettable. Elway, Steelers defense anyone. Are there any MLB or NBA references? No, because there aren't any to mention except Dominique. (Actually a huge fan of by the way)

Badmitten, gymnastics, swimming, masturbation, and women beating championships do not count. It just becomes comical. Where are the baseball and basketball references? So you have won one baseball championship. You must feel proud that not even one of the guys on that team made an impact in the MLB.

Thank you come again.

Unknown said...

we've beaten GT 12 of the last 15 times in football. We've beaten GT more than 70% of the time for the past 40 years in football.

In basketball, we've won the 6 of the past 9 head to head.

In baseball, we've eliminated GT from the playoffs 3 times including the 2001 regional and 2004 Super Regional (in Atlanta).

UGA has more CWS appearances than GT, more Super Regionals than GT and UGA has sent GT home from the tourney more times than GT has sent UGA home.

You have no idea what you're talking about.


Unknown said...

As for the dipshit that said, UGA only recently got good.

UGA has 446 all-time wins in football.
GT has 392 all-time wins.

That ranks UGA 11th all-time in wins, and GT 25th.

UGA has won the SEC 12 times which places them third all-time in the league behind Bama's 21 and UT's 13. LSU is a distant 4th with 9.

We aren't new to success. Nor or we a stranger to it.

Anonymous said...


Keep dreaming buddy. You only wish you were as good as Tech. So fantastic, the head to head match-ups go in Georgias favor in the last decade for some, I stress some, of the sports. That does not make Georgia a better school than Tech for sports.

Tech seems to play Auburn and many other rival schools better than UGA. SEC is not stronger than ACC anymore pal. Look at all of the teams. (Duke and Vandy are both shitty for football)

Who is ya'lls first game of the season this year. South Hampton Pick My Nose State. Tech at least has the balls to take on a powerhouse like Notre Dame.

What teams are good at basketball in the SEC? Hardly any.
ACC has good teams in all sports. Tech plays tougher teams period!

Wow you have actually managed to beat us in a couple of games here and there in different sports. That does not change the outcome of the season for the programs at UGA. They still finish crappy, but your team is still better because they have beaten Tech a few times in recent years, or at least according to every idiot Georgia fan.

As stated earlier stop the freaking press. If I went down the list in both schools history of wins and losses against each other from conception, not just the past decade, your stats would mean jack shit. Nor does it change the number of decent athletes that went to the pro level. (Hold your horses with the football rant and montage.) Everybody already knows that Paul Westloser AND David Wifebeater are in the NFL. Who? Exactly.

So you have beaten Tech a couple of times in basketball. When was the last time you went to the NCAA tournament? In fact I think Georgia State has gone more recently than Georgia. How embarrasing!

And your baseball team produces nothing but star athletes right. I mean they are good enough to knock off Tech a few years in important games. It is kind of funny however that the players that were knocked off in those games are actually contributing in the MLB now.

Come back when you have something to talk about and not the current years of Georgia sports. Which by the way, if not for football the past 5 years, there would not be anything to talk about. Oh wait. I must be wrong. You seem to think that you have 30 something championships in all kinds of sports. So you must consider badmitten, masturbation, cheating on exams, gymnastics (girls are kind of hot though), and wife beating the other accolades to add to the long list of sport accomplishments at UGA.

I for one want to congratulate you on UGA's accomplishments in these feats. You have managed to care about the sports or activities that only a loser like you or any UGA fan could.

:) Thank you for being stupid!

Anonymous said...

Pauly dumbshit...


Nothing but football references. I think you need to get your head checked compadre. Other sports do exist. I am talking about the important ones and not the 20 something championships in ping pong.

But, since you insist on the constant football references I will state what has been left out of your little comparison because every Georgia fan hates to even mention it or recognize it.

National Champs: 4 times (Tech)
2 times (Georgia)

Leather helmet era does not count right. I know your responses before you do.

Then Tech and Georgia are tied at 1 a piece in the modern era with Tech having won one more recently, by a whole decade I might add, than Georgia.

Mr. Stat man, maybe you should check on the number of bowl losses that UGA has compared to Tech or winning percentage in bowls for that matter. Tech owned the rights to that for the longest time until about 2 or 3 years ago.

Tech is better in the clutch in important playoff games in football there is no doubt about it. The number of championships and bowl game appearances and wins proves that.

Now its your turn to talk about how we went to the floridian tampon bowl right. Who cares. It is still a bowl. Do you know how many stupid bowls Georgia went to as well! A bowl is bowl is a bowl.
We still have gone to the most improtant one in recent years though.(championship bowl)

Just go to bed and stop your drunk stat search on the internet to try and make UGA look good. It is impossible.

UGA ans Tech are both good schools, but to act like UGA is soooooo much better than Tech at everything is hilarious.

All I know is a Yellow Jacket can sting a Dawgs ass and the dog will yelp and run. What can the dog do to the yellow jacket? Not a damn thing. If you say eat it then you are drunk. Yellow Jackets are mean as hell.


Unknown said...

Good to see your parents basement has been wired with the internets.


Anonymous said...


I think you must be referring to my apartment.

Anyway, at least I came back with some tangible responses and not just trying to call you a kid.
You are probably a 35 year old living in his parent’s basement.

I reputed your arguments and that is all you can come up with. You at least started off with some stats to back up your claims, but now you are just getting stupid and running out of things to say.

Who is Georgia's first game against?

South Mcneese State. What a joke.
Come back to this blog when you candle chatting with adults.

Anonymous said...

Can handle..

Let me fix my error. I have noticed that people have been picking apart the anonymous Techie for his spelling mistakes.

Anonymous said...

You sure seem to know alot about Star Trek. I'm amazed. All of you also seem to spend a lot of time hating Tech. If we're so pathetic, why does it bother you so much? I am impressed that you all have found the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I thought this stream couldnt get any better, then i saw a Dwight Schrute reference. Brilliant.

Go dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... who just passed Georgia in rank? Hmmm.. that would be Tech!! Life must REALLY suck to be a dawg lover, WOOF WOOF.. go back to your redneck dawg kennel.

Oh and how does it feel to get spanked, because that is exactly what you cocky dawg lovers received over the weekend.

A very loyal Tech fan.....

taint said...

This may be a great year, Smokey tore UGA a new one last weekend when Tennessee beat the snot out of the dawgs. Now it's Tech's turn to put a stinger where the sun don't shine on 11/25/06. It should be a good game but I'm liking Tech's chances. It's a great rivalry, better than Georgia and Florida in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

It's always enjoyable to see how people react to a picture that was obviously chosen to tweak the chosen audiences sensibilities the most (In this case a man dressed as a green fairy).
DragonCon is a 4 day party for geeks, freaks and nerds. It's our thing, and for many of us, it's the one weekend a year when we can lose the day job for a bit, break out copious amounts of party juice, and geek out.
Of course, sitting in an arena painted up in team color and getting blitzed on overpriced watered down beer can be fun too, I suppose.
Instead of throwing insults back and forth, those of you who will be staying downtown ask a few questions, throw back a couple of shots, and have some fun with us.
I promise, y'all won't be infected with geek, and may actually have some fun...if you can keep up.

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