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August 5, 2006

UGA Announces "Nice Beaver."

"Thanks. I just had it stuffed."

The AJC is reporting that Georgia is negotiations with the Oregon State Beavers for a 2 for 1 series. However, the story first appeared in the Eugene, Oregon newspaper. Beaver Coach Mike Riley mentioned the possibility of the match-up during Oregon State's media days saying:
"Imagine getting Georgia," Riley said. "I've looked all the way back into the 1960s and there's never been a team of that notoriety play here. It would be the biggest nonleague game we've had here."
Big hat tip to the Lighting Strikes blog for the heads up.

The deal would bring Oregon State to Athens in 2007 to open the season. UGA would make the return trip to Corvallis in 2011. Oregon State would make their final visit to Athens in 2017.

Of couse, by 2017 the environmentalists will have us flying to games in electric space ships while Mike Adams will have us tailgating in Jesup.

Given that ESPN is involved in helping make the 2007 game happen, you have to imagine that it would be the ESPN Primetime Game to open the season. Similar to what LSU did in 2004 with OSU.

The 2007 home schedule would include:
    Oregon State
    South Carolina
    Western Carolina
    Ole Miss
The road games next year are:
    Georgia Tech
I wonder if we do this deal, will the athletic department throw out the Oregon Ducks contract that's under consideration for 2014 or later? Two trips to Oregon in roughly 4 years would seem a bit excessive.



Russell said...

Stealing a line from The Colbert Report..
"Is Oregon California's Canada or Washington's Mexico?"

It's great that we are expanding our schedule to the Pac-10. This will allow us to see some Pac-10 talent and give a taste of the SEC back! :)

I'm impressed that you even know where Jesup is! For those that don't know, it's a 3.5-4 hour drive to Athen's from there on a non gameday. Exactly the distace Adam's wants all fans who aren't "family friendly" according to his standards.

Lastly, my bet is that by then environmentalists will probably try to have the team ride donkeys across country. They should definately decline as I don't think our team should ride anything of the same species as the Mike Adams! ;)

Ahh, I feel better. My petty aggressions are spent.

Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Corvallis is to the west coast what Starkville is to the south. Talk about a challenging road trip; it sounds like a 5 hour flight followed by a 5 hour mule ride into Lewis and Clark territory. Travelling UGA fans are encouraged to reserve their Indian guides early.

Luckily, since the game is in September, no one will have to worry about getting snowed in at a mountain pass and confronted with the dilemma of which member of the traveling party to eat while awaiting rescue.

As appealing road trips go, I guess this isnt exactly a coup. Perhaps we should be lucky South Dakota State didnt offer us a 2 for 1.

We actually opened up with Oregon St in 1974, the debut of the veer offense under Coach Dooley. Dicky Clark, later to achieve fame as a DE, started at QB as UGA pounded the hapless Beavers. (that's right. I said it.) The final score was something like 52-17 (I'm too lazy to look it up). Little did anyone know that would be the high water mark for the Dicky Clark Era at QB.

SmoothJimmyApollo said...

As Colbert has stated before, and it is on the record, Oregon is Idaho's Portugal.

I would also like to note that when I went to jail in Jacksonville, my truck was in Jesup and I had to sleep in a Jacksonville Greyhound station, waiting for a vehicle to take me into a civilized state. The bus contained me, the driver, and one other guy. When I got off I hitch-hiked across Jesup to my waiting car. I drove straight home, took my first shower in four days, and went to sleep forever. Until like six months ago, when I took up blogging.

Unknown said...

All School - I agree 100%. In fact, I ran a Google Maps query on driving directions from Athens to Corvallis. The Google search timed out 2 of the 3 times I ran it. And my computer is a P4 with 750 megs of ram and a high speed connection. They are 2700+ miles from Athens.

You get there by flying into Eugene or Portland. Portand is the only airport with a non-stop from ATL and it's a 2 hour drive.

In other words, the Starkville analogy is a good one. If I were listing the most remote / toughest to get to college football destinations, I"d probably go with (in no particular order);

Washington State
Virginia Tech
Southern Miss
Miss State
Oregon State

And happy valley wasn't exactly near anything either the way I remembered it.


Anonymous said...

Poor babies, having to travel out west to the state of Oregon. Better not get lost in Eastern Oregon or the coyotes might eat you.
Pullman(WSU) is more like Starkville.
Corvallis is more like Tuscaloosa, except with a lot of pretty scenery.
Actually, try staying in Eugene. I suggest standing on a street corner and making nasty remarks about environmentalists. Should be good fun, then again could be good education for people from the South to come out West.
Enjoy the Williamette Valley

Anonymous said...

As an Oregonian, I've resigned myself to being the only Dawg who is thrilled about this right now (The idea of two UGA games in Oregon makes me crazy). But some of you Oregon haters will come around.

On a bad day, it's 15 minutes more from PDX to Corvallis than from Athens to Hartsfield. Hardly Starkville. If you can't drive less than two hours (of mostly interstate) without feeling like your troika is being pursued by wolves, see somebody about it.

Corvallis is a beautiful town, and it's only an hour more to the beach and the Rogue brewery. Early September is likely to be perfect football weather: 75 during the day, 55 for a night game. OSU probably won't give us the kind of game the Ducks can, but they're a step up from Boise State.

"As appealing road trips go, I guess this isnt exactly a coup. Perhaps we should be lucky South Dakota State didnt offer us a 2 for 1." Low blow, ref! If you're lucky, maybe the deal will fall through and you'll get to go to Provo instead....

Unknown said...

it's a good deal for UGA. I'm just making jokes about the distance b/c travel will be bizarre.

That said, only about 5k UGA fans will make the trip, which is good given that the place only holds like 12k fans.


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