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September 12, 2006

Battle Hymn at the DawgWalk

From YouTube.



Anonymous said...

An old redcoat here,
Someone needs to do something about that one trombone player that's jacking up that nice video. He just sounds nasty.

Anonymous said...

i got goose bumps hearing that...good job

Anonymous said...

Good video and love the tradition here. Redcoats are going to be loud because it's a huge band, and sound good because they are talented musicians. But- from the standpoint of whipping a pre-game crowd into an absolute frenzy, does this really do it? I think not.

Anonymous said...

I love that slow, southern, melodious version of Glory - thanks for the video!

Ludakit said...

As another old Redcoat talking, I gotta agree with Joe. I understand it's the Dawg Walk and everyone's jacked up, but no excuse for sounding like shhhh-tuff that came out of Gainesville.

I hope this video doesn't catch like wildfire like the family zones one did.

In other news, ToonDawg just colored out of the lines for the first time ever.

Scott said...

As a former Redcoat, I know it could be just the way the microphone is placed and the direction of the trombone player's bell.

Now... I wish we had this when I was a Redcoat!

Of course when I was a Redcoat, Sanford Stadium held 55,000 people and everyone else sat on the tracks or the bridge! Then we got this guy named Herschel...

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