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September 20, 2006

Betting Line of the Week?

Sam 'Ace' Rothstein's Pick of the Week

The Georgia Sports Blog does not condone gambling, and we believe that sports lines are best used as a framework for open and warm hearted discussion between college football fans.

With that in mind, we note that the betting line for South Carolina vs. Florida Atlantic is 30.5 points. Given that the Lamecocks barely escaped Div I-AA Wofford by a score of 27-20, this seems like a good time to talk to your guy.

More on the Wofford game from ESPN:
It took one play to stun everyone left at Williams-Brice Stadium as Josh Collier's 25-yard TD pass to Andy Strickland drew the Terriers to 27-20 with 4:43 left.

Wofford had one last chance, driving to South Carolina's 10 with :29 to go. On fourth-and-5, the Gamecocks' Dakota Walker knocked Collier's pass attempt into the air and linebacker Cody Wells caught it and South Carolina (2-1) escaped a huge embarrassment.
Note: I’m lousy as a handicapper. Horrific actually. Those who bet following my advice do so at their own peril.



Ludakit said...

I'll definitely never be considered a fan of Cocks, but we have been caught sleeping at the wheel before.

Keep in mind Richt is leagues ahead of where Donnan was in his tenure, but I do remember a VERY large scare against UCF in 1999. We barely walked away from that game by a score of 24-23 and a batted ball at the goal line to secure the W.

I realize USC sucks like everyone else realizes, but I also know Spurrier is good for at least 1-2 quality wins a year. He'll have his crappy players ready to knock noggins against UT, UF and Clemson.

Let's all hope UF is one of those victims.

Anonymous said...

SC will struggle to win any road game this years, including the ones at Vandy and Kentucky...they'll lose at least one of those two.

That being said, Florida Atlantic is awful...

Sep 2 @Clemson Lost 6-54
Sep 9 @Kansas St. Lost 0-45
Sep 16 @Oklahoma St. Lost 8-48

That's 14 points for and 147 against. Average margin of defeat - 45 points.

I wouldn't bet on it.

Anonymous said...

And on that note, I'd like to say that yesterday. A kind hearted Coot that is also a classmate of mine, thought it was a good idea to wager me the Auburn game, I get Auburn giving him a grand total of 14 points. I think I'll enjoy that game.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice, PWD.

Because of all those cool numbers and stuff, I printed this out and got an "A" in Math AND statistics...whatever that is.

If I win any money this weekend, I'm donating it to the SEC Referee's Free LASIK Fund.


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