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September 13, 2006

Blake Mitchell Arrested and Suspended

This is the guy that Mitchell punched. No. Seriously.

Sources: and The State
(Columbia) September 13, 2006 - An incident in Columbia's Five Points early Wednesday led to an arrest warrant for Gamecocks quarterback Blake Mitchell, 21. Mitchell turned himself in Wednesday afternoon and was released on his own recognizance. A USC Athletic spokesperson says Mitchell is suspended indefinitely from the team. According to the incident report, Mitchell is accused of simple assault.

Kylan Ertzberger, who is a bouncer at Pavlov's and a USC student, tells officials that when he turned away, Mitchell punched him in the left eye.
Dawgnoxious: I heard it took him two tries to punch the guy. The first one he threw was intercepted.



DAve said...

Bravo on the comment on EDSBS, Dawgnoxious. I followed up with:

What the article didn’t mention is that Mitchell’s buddy tossed him a beer bottle to use, but Blake wasn’t paying attention and it rolled twenty yards behind him.

Pardon the blatant coattail-riding, but it couldn't be helped. Especially after a Cock brought up Quincy Carter. Again.

Anonymous said...

To be fair...I've only SEEN the guy and I kinda want to punch him

Anonymous said...

Gives a new meaning to the term "cold cock."

Anonymous said...

There is a good booking photo on

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the joke from my trial:

"How do you know Thurman Thomas didn't kill Nicole?"

He would have fumbled the knife.

Anyone seen my gloves?

The Juice.

Anonymous said...

Since no one else will say it, what the f***? is the guy churning butter in that picture?

I wonder what Boi From Troy thinks of Blake now that's he confirmed to like the younger ladies?

Anonymous said...

That guy probably won the team MVP award for having Mitchell arrested.

Anonymous said...

Steve Superior referred to this as "a little fight".... By what stretch of the imagination does sucker-punching a guy as he turns away become a fight?

Mitchell needs to take his multi-game suspension, his inevitable 12 months probation, community service and anger management classes AND thank his higher power that there was no fight. Kylan the Bouncer looks like he would give the Cowardly Chicken a beatdown reminiscent of Sin City's "That Yellow Bastard."

Given Steve's comments, Mitchell may not have played his last game. I would guess he has played his last "Do you know who I am" card.

Unknown said...

Contrarian, I made the same point on my blog yesterday about the suckerpunch. "Little fight" my ass. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that after throwing the punch Mitchell had to leave the bar with a minor injury. He was replaced by Chris Smelley, who promptly scored (with the underaged girls Mitchell tried to sneek in).

Anonymous said...

Looks like Spurrier is afraid Smelley will get skunked too.

Syvelle Newton starts at QB.

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