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September 20, 2006

Blog Poll Roundtable -- In the Wake of Separation Sunday

During the Season the Blog Poll participants tend to have some pretty interesting discussions, and we compare answers. This will be my first of the year, and it's being hosted by Maize and Brew (a UM blogger). Here's the long and short of his 5 questions, and my answers.

1. Who's your pick as the next NC contender to take a fall?
Michigan. Not to anger the quarter of a million UM Bloggers, but I don't think this team makes a national title run. The good news is a 10-2 Big 10 team still makes the BCS. A Lloyd Carr special at Penn State seams entirely possible.

2. Who are the surprise contenders for the national title?
Louisville is a much more legit national title contender than I first imagined. Their schedule makes it much more possible that they would gain a shot at a BCS Title than an undefeated West Virginia. The Nov. 2nd game with WVU looms large, and I don't know if they have the defensive speed to stop WVU. BUT, win and it's on.

3. Where is your team's sandtrap away game where nothing good ever happens.
Hello, I'm a Georgia fan. Everyone knows this one.

4. Based on what you've seen so far, give the order of finish in your conference
SEC East:
1. UF- UGA turns into bed wetters at the FLA state line
2. UGA - AU and UF look really tough.
3. UT - Losses to UGA, UF, LSU and maybe 1 more
4. SC - Losses to all the East big boys + Auburn
5. UK - A bad, bad team with an outside shot at bowl eligibility
6. Vandy - 0-8 or 1-7

SEC West:
1. AU - 1 loss or less. SEC Champs.
2. LSU - Win the UF game, and it's BCS bowling
3. UA - 8-9 wins is a piece of cake given this schedule
4. ARK - Liberty Bowl or Independence Bowl
5. OM - The Orgeron should be sweating his showdown with Vandy
6. MSU - 9.5 point underdogs to UAB on the road.

5. In keeping with the spirit of Maize n Brew, name your beverage of choice on game days and why.
Makers Mark and Ginger. Why? Because it's exceptionally tasty and not as sweet as Makers and Coke.



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