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September 25, 2006

Joe Pa Goes for Two

Joe Pa Goes for 2. Image: MSNBC

This and That from the weekend:
  • Best moment of the weekend -- Joe Paterno's "Run from the Squirts." Joe bolted mid-game for the locker room as he was battling the flu. Don't worry Joe, it can happen to anyone. I think it was Bobby Hurley that did the same thing during March Madness a decade or so ago. Joe's line on the incident:
    Asked how tough it was for him to leave the sideline, Paterno was ready with a quip. “It was easier than if I had stayed,” he said with a laugh.
  • Ole Miss' Problems -- The Rebs lost 27-3 to Wake Forest. At home. The Athens Banner Herald notes that their QB problems are much worse than ours, Shaeffer may have been benched and their DL couldn't win a game of Red Rover vs retirees. Wake ran the ball 53 out of 58 plays.

    ND waves goodbye to Smith's career. Image:

  • John L. Smith Termination Watch -- After MSU pissed away a 17 point lead to Notre Dame, you have to imagine that John L. Smith is in deep doo. His record entering this season was 18-18, and he's only 2-7 in his last 9 games against BCS conference teams and/or ND. And if you think things are bad up there now, wait til November. Smith is 2-8 in November since joining the Spartans. The student paper weighs in.

  • ACC Welcomes New Coaches in 2007 -- I doubt a win over BC will be enough to cool off the liquid magma hot seat of Chuck Amato, but we'll see. Regardless, Groh's loss to Gailey and Bunting's boys giving up 52 to Clemson continued to push them both closer to the door. BTW - Clemson called off the dogs and didn't score in the 4th quarter.

  • BC Blew a shot a greatness -- BC Eagle has a recap of the ACC's week. Best line, "The one thing that is becoming clear, is that it is a legit dogfight of a race to the bottom of the conference." He's a bit frustrated with the NCSU debacle obviously.

    Wake is 4-0. No. Seriously. Image; Wake Forest

  • Wake Forest -- Wake is 4-0. They are a banged up team with problems all over the place, but they follow their pounding of Ole Miss with a gimmie against Liberty this weekend. Then they get Clemson, NC State and UNC. 7-1 is totally within reason, and barring a collapse bowl eligibility is almost a mortal lock. Nathan covers the issue better than me.

  • My Life as a Bookey -- I told you not to bet on my ideas. South Carolina covered the 30 point spread against FAU.

  • My UGA Thoughts -- You can find 'em here.


SlobberKnocker said...

Is #93 from Ole Miss in that picture one of those freshman DT's? Looks like he needs to east some Wheaties....

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