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September 7, 2006

Quick Carolina Game Notes

Check out David Ching's most excellent blog for full practice reports that go way beyond the level of detail that you can get right now from the mainstream or online sites.

The Charleston Post says that Spurrier is laying a trap for UGA. Whatever. The only issues to watch in this game are:
  • Whose QB plays better - EDGE: Gamecocks
  • Whose Special Teams plays better - EDGE: UGA
  • Whose Defense Causes more turnovers - EDGE: UGA
  • Whose OL will suck the least - PUSH
I'm not worried about the crowd or the night time start or any other intangible. I'm worried that our OL might be as bad or worse than their OL, and I'm worried about the QB situation. They should be terrified of what Moses and Charles Johnson are going to do to Mitchell in this game.

Other articles of interest: PWD


Anonymous said...

Spurrier will most likely counter our defensive rush (and his offensive line woes) with use of shotgun formation for QB, "bunch" formations for receivers and a ton of quick short passes (5-7 yards) that sustain drives. He used that tactic at FLA some years ago against UGA -- and guess what, we couldn't stop it... hope W. Martinez has enough confidence in our young secondary to play tight/press coverage and gamble.

Anonymous said...

The Post & Courier is easily one of the worst newspapers in the country, with the exception of Ken Burger (UGA grad). Sapakoff has been their biggest hack for awhile, trying to play against Bugers, old school style. This wasn't so bad before the Woody Paige's and Mike Bianci's were inflicted on the world.

Dawgnoxious said...

Given W. Martinez's propensity to avoid scouting video and/or anticipate opponent's game plan [see: Sugar Bowl], what will feel like deja vu for us will look like an innovative offensive scheme to him.

Anonymous said...


I hope he's learned. I don't have a clue what that man was thinking planning for the WVU game. How do you stop a team that only runs and can't throw? Hmm... lets go into a prevent defense leaving only 6 men in the box.

Hopefully last year was a learning year, and like VG he'll do a lot better this year.

DawgByte said...

There's usually a bottom line that can summarize the strength of one opponent over another. In this case, the bottom line is that UGA has a talent gap over USC. USC plays over its head against UGA year-after-year and such will be the case this year. However, when the rubber meets the road in the 4th Qtr., USC will run out of gas!

C. Paul said...

I'm hoping that I don't hear Seth Watts name mentioned this week (or the Big Cheese for that matter).

My only fear is that we get flustered in the first half and dig ourselves a hole we can't get out of.

UGA 20
Cocks 17 (late TD)

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