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September 10, 2006

Spurrier calls Gamecocks "stupid" and "dumb-ass" (links to articles of note)

Cocks go limp in redzone. (Image: The

God Bless Steve Spurrier and all his wonderful quotes. Below are some recap stories, but nothing tops Spurrier wearing sack cloth and ashes as he berates the failures of his own staff and team.
Spurrier, who fell to 11-3 all-time against Georgia, was incensed after the game and focused his anger on a botched snap in the second quarter.

“That’s how dumb-ass we are right there,” Spurrier said. “The quarterback didn’t now (the center) was snapping the ball. We had our chances. We’re just stupid right now. And us coaches, we’re stupid too right now.” (Josh Kendall)
For the record, RoyOrbisonDawg (my brother) said all week, "First one to 18 wins." Touche.


Other articles of note:More thoughts from me on the game later. After I watch it again. Mainly, I'm giddy; although, I'm really worried about Michael Turner.



Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I feel that what I have to say to Spurrier can be best summed-up in the eloquent words of Nelson Muntz: "HA-ha!"

Anonymous said...

You are the first person I have seen express the thought, but I am worried about Michael Turner also. In the giddiness over MS and his performance, I am afraid this may be bigger than many seem to think. We have more qbs than available linemen. Can Blake or Joe block? Just wondering.

S.A.W.B. said...

I'm personally hoping that Joe Cox will get an extended look this week against United Auto Brokers, assuming that JoeT isn't able to play, and I doubt he will be. Stafford did enough to not lose the game, but his checkdowns were miserable, and his touch needs a lot of work.

Anonymous said...


I don't think his checkdowns, besides that one interception, were that bad. Stafford played in a very hostile environment as a true freshmen playing in his first serious game in college. To say his checkdowns were miserable and his touch needs "lots of work" is a bit over the top.

He played as good as I could've expected.

Also, I wanted your guy's opinions on some of these questions: why on earth, after that MoMass run to the 4, did we not run it up the middle with Ware and get the easy touchdown? We tried a toss sweep outside, toss into back of endzone twice, and then the pick. That made no sense.

And as far as that sequence goes, did anyone else notice we got an extra down on that series near the endzone? I have Moxi (Charter's DVR) and we went through it and we got an extra down. First we toss it deep in the corner of endzone, but too far. Then toss sweep to Brown, stuffed. Then another toss into the endzone, too far. Which the next down should've been 4th, but instead they said it was 3rd. That pick near the endzone where MoMass was being interfered with (I thought it was apparent after a rewind, they guy twisted the back of his shoulder pads) was on 4th down, but the TV and everyone else said 3rd. I was surprised NO ONE caught that, not even USC.

Finally, last question, for PWD or anyone else with some idea: why on earth did we not stick with Ware? Ware was playing lights out, Lumpkin wasn't doing bad, but it seems once one of them gets going Richt pulls them and puts in someone Brown. I think they are all good, but Ware was on his game tonight, making tough catches (that sweet Stafford PA), and running like a mad man. Yet for some reason we didn't see him much after his great first half.

Sorry for the length, would love to hear your guy's responses.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I may be wrong, and often am, but I think on that 1st down play, the fade pass, that SC was penalized for having 12 men on the field, I think that on TV we never heard much about it, or acttually saw the official's call. Check your recording, I seem to faintly remember the announcing crew mention it.

pcm said...

Tucker I think you're right. I thought the same thing as Jordan last night but when I watched the replay on CSS today they mentioned Georgia moving the ball to the 2 after that fade play for some unknown flag. But I was definitely thinking we were having a Colorado situation all over again or something as it happened.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. That's why I asked, I wasn't sure. I was skeptical that I was the only person to notice that, being as USC probably would've been all over that.

But all the more reason to ask... we had the ball on the 2, Ware was dominated, the o-line was doing well, and yet we didn't run it up the middle once? Why? Sometimes I think Richt over thinks situations.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, if you're talking about the sequence in which Stafford threw the INT that bounced off Mo Mass, I didn't have that big a problem with the play calling.

My preference would've been to take a shot up the middle behind Nick Jones who was ROAD GRADING all night. But each individual play call was fine with me.

Mainly, I was glad to see that last pass attempt. Even though it didn't work. I'd much rather see us be aggressive and attack vs. the conservative jumbo formation run up the middle settle for the Field Goal routine.

I thought Richt called a different game than normal.

BTW - Stafford is young and raw, but we haven't had a QB who could hit a guy in stride on a crossing route beyond 10 yards consistently since Zeier.

Stafford did it to Milner and Mo Mass in the game. That was incredibly exciting to me.


Anonymous said...

Stafford's ability to hit his players on the chest in full stride and his ability to throw the long ball are very exciting. Richt will be giving him his full attention now with the offense focused on his abilities. I am very interested, or rather excited, to see how he develops before the UT game. I am glad we have the UAB, Colorado, and Ole Miss game to bring him along.

As far as the play calling goes...

That sequence bothered me a bit, and the reason is as you said Nick Jones was doing great, Ware was doing great, and for some reason we didn't utilize either of those guys and tossed sweeped it outside. Then we tossed a fade route, which I have no problem with, and then a quick slant to MoMass. With the game so close and with Jones/Ware doing good, I wish he would've tried. Not that I'm not happy w/ a win, but in the future I'd like him to let the players that are doing great in the game continue to do great. Again, I don't understand why he didn't keep Ware in while he was on fire and instead would go back to Brown who was doing mediocre in comparison. I think its a motivation/momentum killer to the RB when he's doing great and then he's pulled and doesn't see the field again for 5+ minutes.

I understand we have three great backs, but some days one of them are going to have a better day than the others. Let that one play, don't be so presitant in giving them all touches if one is doing great. Some are going to be better suited against certain defenses and again, some will just have "their day". I thought Ware was having a great day and should've seen more time. But again, I am grateful for Richt and the victory and can't complain.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Richt.

The fade to Mo was an audible from Stafford. So it's possible Richt did call the dive behind Jones.

Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? That was a STUPID play on the fourth-and-one during the first goal-line stance. He was asking that skinny QB to try to penetrate the Georgia D?

Then... with nothing to really gain, except a moral victory, to go for it with a freshman QB. Why not kick a field goal, get your stupid moral victory, and try to save some face while you consider how stupid you were all game.

Spurrier must have had some great assistants at Florida because he hasn't done NOTHING since!! This is good because that means we don't have to worry about South Carolina until they suck the life out of him like they did for Lou Holtz!

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