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September 1, 2006

Tailgate Update: You have to be kidding me (No parking at Intramural Fields)

UGA waited til 5:00 or so on Friday to decide that it has been raining alot lately. Does this mean 1,500 spaces just evaporated? What a cluster.

From UGA...


ATHENS, Ga., Sept. 1 –Due to recent rains in the Athens area, parking will not be available on fields at the UGA Intramural Complex for the Western Kentucky game. Additional free parking will be available in the East Campus area surrounding the Ramsey Center to make up for lost spaces. RV parking will still be hosted on paved areas at the Intramural Complex.

The University’s Auxiliary Services Department will provide additional attendants in the area to direct vehicles and maintain traffic flow. Fans that planned to park on the intramural fields are encouraged to make their way to the area and parking attendants will direct them to available parking areas.

Free parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis in multiple lots across campus, including two parking decks on East Campus near the Ramsey Center. Parking is also available at the North Campus Parking Deck, the South Campus Parking Deck, and the Carlton Street Parking Deck for $20 per vehicle on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to the multiple lots on campus, many vendors and churches in the area offer parking within walking distance of Sanford Stadium.

For more information, including parking maps, visit


Anonymous said...

As a UGA student, im glad to hear this. Every semester, we (students) pay an activity fee, which goes to keeping up the fields, that belond to US, as students and intramural athelets. no matter what anyone says, the fields would be TRASHED after a game. and remember all these tailgate rules? no tailgating before 7 am? at the bottom of all these rules is the lame-ass excuse that it's all done because the campus is the students' home...i find that hard to believe they really think that.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Dawgville

Holla said...

They're only letting the intramural fields off the hook this week because of the weather. They will go back to making it obvious that students rank at the bottom of the totem pole when we play UAB in two weeks.

The bottom line is, these people have to park SOMEWHERE. The University is wishing them away from here, wishing them over to there, all in the hope of getting 90,000 football fans to have a diminished alcohol-related effect on our fair town. Good luck with that. I have no doubt that it's going to be a disaster. Like Y2K, except actual.

reipar said...

I plan on parking on top of Mickey Adams tomorrow. I figure I will simply plead the "he needed killing defense" at trial and the good people of Athens-Clarke County shall not only set me free, but award me any damages to my vehicle. Who knows I may get some kind of medal for this.

Anonymous said...

reipar - you can go all Samuel Jackson - "A Time to Kill" on his ass.

"Yes he deserved to die, and I hope he burns in hell!"

You think any jury in the state of Georgia would convict?

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