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September 18, 2006

Update on Pollack's Injury

David Pollack was carried off the field during Sunday's Bengals vs. Browns game. He suffered what the Bengals called a "significant neck injury."

At 4:30 am, the Bengals official site posted this update. The article basically says nothing except that he may miss the season.

Bengals Insider says that Pollack has movement in his arms and legs and the Cincinnati medical staff will know more after tests Monday morning.

The AJC/AP story said Pollack was awake and alert at the hospital, and had full movement in his extremities, but further tests were needed.

There is an email going around said to be from David's wife Lindsey. Normally, I don't do injury gossip. Ever. If this turns out to be bogus, I'll never do it again either. But here's a copy of the email. Overall, it sounds promising. I'll provide real updates when they become available. If you are a member of the Pollack family and believe this email to be inappropriate or wrong, shoot me a note at decaturdawg (at] hotmail (dot} com.



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