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October 1, 2006

Dixie in The Grove

Since the game was brutal to watch, I'll just start with the best part about the trip. Hearing Dixie played in The Grove by the Rebel band.

Some thoughts from the weekend a little later.



Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

The band, OK that's great, but . . . the girls, dude. What about the girls?

Anonymous said...

Other than the game, I really enjoyed the atmosphere there. Friendly fans, classy and impressive tailgates and dear Lord, what about the Hoddy Toddy potties? Portable toilets with AC and running water? I'm sold! I thought the police did a great job directing traffic and accomodating tailgaters unloading their stuff... wish I saw that same politeness in Athens.

Unknown said...

The entire weekend was a case study for how to manage a large tailgating scene that is very family friendly without being an ass.

Doug - as for the women. Man, it ain't no joke. "At Ole Miss, we redshirt Miss Americas."

That place is off the charts.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the band and "Dixie," I thought our band had stopped playing "Tara" after the games until I heard it after the Colorado game walking out of the stadium. I hadn't heard them play it in a long time (although now I guess I'm sure they were playing it the whole time). Hearing the Redcoats play "Tara" after the game brings back some great childhood memories.

Erik said...

Glad yall enjoyed it. Nice to have some first class visitors in town (unlike coonass nation or the Bama-neck contingent). The Grove on a big Gameday is like no other place in the world. It just feels so right! It's just so good when it hits your lips!

Ole Miss Women must be experienced to be believed at some point in life. They are the 8th wonder of the world.

Nobody is saying that 95% of them aren't stuck up, bitchy whores, but they totally redeem themselves with some good, old-fashioned superficial, classy-looking hotness.

Can't wait to make it back up to Athens next season.

Most bars per capita in the nation?

Anonymous said...

Chills listening to that again- what a game day atmosphere. Love the town and the Grove, and the assemblage of "talent" was amazing. If you are a male with any social skills you would never want to leave.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it boys - those broads are all smokin' hot. I think they must require a photo with the application, and anything less than an 8 is summarily rejected. If you haven't been - GO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Boys, it's all over in Rebel Land also. Now our politically correct Chancellor and his administration have killed this song and given us a Black Bear for a mascot. If Lewis Grizzard returned for a visit, he would break down and cry.

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