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October 23, 2006

Most retarded fan moment in 7 years

Damn Good Dawg.

I still can't get over the absolute whiny bitch move some of our fans pulled on Saturday when they booed Mohamed Massaquoi and then followed that with a bronx cheer when he was benched.

That's the lowest moment since the 1999 Auburn Implosion. That night in 1999 we lost EVERY SINGLE RECRUIT that visited campus.

Is that the type of program you want to be a part of? The type that has so little tolerance for any failure or bumps in the road whatsoever that you boo? The type that eats its own and runs off quality players and recruits?

Those fans don't deserve to watch success on the field. Mo Mass has been busting his ass for Georgia, and he's in a slump. But he won't be in a slump forever.

You don't boo the kid that works hard, is trying to make plays, never runs his mouth, never gets in trouble off the field, and has made HUGE plays for you in the past. Personally, I don't think you boo any college athlete. But even if you're a horse's ass big enough to boo someone in sure as hell don't boo THAT guy.

If anyone was going to get booed, it should be the pot smoker who constantly commits penalties, doesn't give full effort and has been a loafer for 5 years who's toughest moments seem to come when he injures his own teammates. But even he has a G on his helmet. Even he deserves better than what Massaquoi got on Saturday.

There's a FaceBook group of students putting together an apology to Massaquoi. It's called something like We Love Massaquoi. I lost the email with the exact details. If you have the name, publish it in the comments field.

The students talked about showing "Solidarity" with the team on the Black Out. You want to show that you're really behind the team? Stop BOOING. You're making yourself look like chumps.



Anonymous said...

was up in sec. 330 when people were applauding as Mo left the field. I couldn't believe it. Same people who were just going nuts when he scores and they turn on him at the drop of a hat.

Agree that if anyone on this team should be booed, Inman is that guy.

I wonder how some of the boo birds would feel if they were booed after banging their wife only to leave her unsatisfied.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was bad, but my vote still goes to the 2000 Tennessee game.

Nothin' like an intercepting a pass and having to make your way upfield against 11 Tennessee tacklers and hundreds of drunks running around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots.

Unknown said...

Anon - I'm not saying we should boo Inman.

I'm just saying...Mo Mass is the LAST guy on ANY Georgia team that should be booed.


Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

THANK YOU for this. It has long been a philosophy of mine that, unless they publicly support al-Qaeda or strangle a kitten, you never, ever boo your own players.

I don't know if Georgia fans are any worse about this overall than any other fan base, but damn, sometimes it sure seems like we are. Not too long ago there was some jackbag commenter on David Ching's blog (anonymous, of course) trying to make the case that booing actually helps the team because it lets the players and coaches know you're displeased with them, and if you don't boo, you're not a "true fan." I pray that he is out on the fringes of our fan base, but sometimes I wonder.

Unknown said...

"11 Tennessee tacklers and hundreds of drunks running around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots."

I almost laughed coffee through my nose. Nice Mel Brooks reference.

"unless they publicly support al-Qaeda or strangle a kitten, you never, ever boo your own players."

What kind of fan are you? If Inman joins al-Quaeda, I'm wearing a red turban to the stadium and converting some infadels. If Massaquoi wants to strangle kittens, I'm bringing a few in a burlap sack to toss out on the field near halftime. Boo them? No thanks. They're Georgia player Are we as classless as the Philadelphia Eagles? I sure hope not but if Santa crosses us, he's losing every bit of red on his body and being hung from a chimney.

Anonymous said...

I heard we had several recruits and their parents at the game on Saturday. From a mother's standpoint (and my son does play football) I would strongly discourage my son to play for a team where the fans boo their own players. We may have lost more recruits last Saturday.

C. Paul said...

Well said on all fronts.

As to your point Paul, I'm really not sure right now (given the state of our fan base's reaction to a little adversity) why any recruit would want to come to UGA.

"Dear Mr. Recruit-

We'd love to have you come play for the University of Georgia - where you can expect 95,000 fans to cheer for you - as long as you catch every ball, make every tackle, score every time you get in the red zone, make every kick. If you don't do that every time, then you can expect to be booed un-mercifully (we call it tough love) for failing. Oh, and 10,000 of us won't show up to the next game.

But Go Dawgs and we'd love to have you here"

As I told the guy at church who was waving the Vandy flag two weeks ago - "hey, where was that flag when your kicker missed the FG to beat Arkansas a few weeks ago" - you either support the team or you don't. My UGA flags fly win or lose.

Anonymous said...

Amen PWD- booing Mo Mass was absolute crap. Embarassing.

reipar said...

I boo at every game. I boo the other team when they come on the field. I boo the refs every once in awhile. However, I have never booed a dawg. Not ever. Not once. I did not even boo Ray Goof (this is starting to sound like Cat in the Hat). I agree any fan that boos his own team is not a fan.

That said it happens every where. It is a sign more of how America has changed. In the last 5 years I have been to games from Missouri to Maryland to Tulane to FSU and every where in between. I have actually heard Ron Zook booed by two different schools fan base. I asked the Illini alumni I was with,

I thought you said Illinois was terrible?

I did.

Then why are the fans booing Zook?

They are idiots.

Isn't that how you felt when MoMass was getting booed? The fans are idiots.

If you are a mother and your son plays football the only way he will not get booed is to send him to an I-AA school.

It is not the real fans that boo and it is not every one, but at every school there is a group that show up for the games that seem to forget what the word loyalty means, or maybe they just never knew. Bad Dawg.

Unknown said...

Our fans booed Massaquoi like GT fans boo Reggie Ball.

You tell me. Does Mo deserve to be treated like Reggie?

I really don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Greatest moment of the game:

The tongue lashing that Michael Adams recieved when he walked between sec. 112 & 113 on his way somewhere. He was unmerciously booed, cussed at, and in one case had stuff thrown at him.

Well played students.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amen to what Dawgbyte had to say. I have been to literally hundreds of college football games in my lifetime, and I would have to say that Georgia fans are amongst the worst in the nation. This has nothing to do with the booing of a struggling player. Although I disagree with booing MoMass for the dropping of several key passes in the MSU game, there is no excuse for a player in division 1-A to have chronic butterfingers. Regardless of the booing, the fact the Georgia fans were streaming out of the stadium in the fourth quarter is appalling. This was a point in the game when it almost looked like Georgia was going to blow another lead (Tennessee) and fans were rushing out of the stadium. Give me a break. You complain about the team's poor performances, but you can't even stick around to see if Georgia will even win?! Another point: I spent the entire game in the alumni section, and found myself reaching for my pulse at several points in the game to see if I was still alive. The alumni should be ashamed of themselves. I watched from across the stadium as the MSU away fans and the UGA students on the lower level battled to see who could be louder- because everyone else in the entire stadium was sitting down with their arms crossed. The only time that the alumni actually raised their voices was to cheer as MoMass left the field- IT WAS NOT EXCLUSIVELY THE STUDENTS. This is embarrassing. Maybe many of you should just stay in Atlanta and catch the game on TV; you could save the money you were going to donate to our amazing president, Mike Adams, plus you would make a comparable impact on the game from your plush leather chairs at home (it’s much more comfortable than those terribly uncomfortable metal benches).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great post. god i somtimes really hate georgia fans. they have the shortest memories and have no idea how a loyal fan base can contribute to a teams success. I'm sure we just lost some great recruits, good job boo'ers. and i can't believe that some people are dumb enough to entertain the idea that CMR should be fired. are you out of your mind?

Anonymous said...

Good post. I could not agree more -- plain embarrassing as a long time UGA fans. These are kids playing a kids game. If you must, go boo the NFL, but leave the kids alone. Actually I was at a Braves game in 05 when Chris Reitsma came in to pitch and got booed viciously. Disgusted me then too.

So much of sports is mental and I'd rather have a player from my team feeling like the fans are behind him and not against him. Pretty shameful -- like the response to Terrence Edwards after the drop against Florida in 02.

The Wrangler said...

I'm not sure anyone has written specifically about where the boos were originating. From where I was - 325 - they sounded to be exceptionally strong all the way up and down the East endzone stands. I'm not sure who sits there, but I'd guess bandwagon fans - non-alumni who recently started buying season tickets. Not to blame all of the nonsense on them, but it seems to me like die-hards, alumni, and students didn't participate en masse.

Anonymous said...

Get over it. The fans booed because our team is under achieving. If I'm a player I would rather have boos than have a fan base with so low of expectations that you are ok with a loss to Vandy and a tight victory over MSU. You come to UGA to win championships not have your self esteem boosted. Shut up and hold the team to higher expectations. If UGA fans are content with its play this year then I don't want to be one.

Anonymous said...

...And you're exactly the type of fan Georgia doesn't need.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Anonymous 4:11: Then DON'T be one. Seriously, you think anyone's gonna care if you're not at the game? You think Mark Richt is gonna be down there going, "Damn, where is that tough-as-nails fan who boos every time someone does something he doesn't like? What am I gonna do without his strict standards and take-no-prisoners attitude to guide me in my decision-making?"

No, we're not happy with the team's play this year, but we're smart enough to realize booing isn't gonna help anything, and we're not gonna throw our own guys under the bus and embarrass our entire fan base just so we can cut loose and let the petulant third-graders inside us run wild and free. You're NOT a player, you HAVEN'T experienced anything like what those guys have, so show some respect instead of throwing a tantrum every time someone doesn't execute a play to your exact specifications.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...
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Anonymous said...

the facebook group is "Mohammed Massaquoi = Amazing"..which is true.

the kid is a bright student, an athletic freak of nature, and could leave UGA as the best receiver we've ever had.

there won't be any boos once he stays healthy and the term "Stafford to Massaquoi" rings as many bells as "Oh you Herchel Walker!"

Anonymous said...

I have been a football fan since the 80's. I grew up near Chicago and cheered for "DaBears" win or lose. Now I have a son playing football and it has given me a new respect for the game. Even in midget football (6 and under) my family has given my son and his team a 5 1/2 month commitment. Practice 3 times a week, games once per week. I can't even imagine the commitment time our dawg players and their families have put in through the years to get to this level. I have to believe that the people booing against Mo have never seen or experienced what families and players go through to become a football player. I challenge the booers to go through a season with my son and I next year and I promise you will never boo again.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting in club level on the west side of the pressbox. I didn't think that the boos were that load, but the stadium was really dead overall. One thing I have noticed during these hard times that I don't like is the coaching staff. I came home and watched the Tech game Saturday night. Gailey was up in his players faces all night. Bowden was up in players faces. Maybe it isn't Richt's style, but I want to see some coaching going on during the game for what we all have invested in these seats. I mean, our guys come off the field and sit there. No one drawing on a board, no one pumping them up, no one correcting their mistakes. Just sitting there like knots on a log. When things are going as bad as things have gone for us all year, somebody has to get mad, somebody has to get somebody going. I mean I am UGA all the way, Win or Lose. But I want more coaching. I want somebody to look like they care about our performance. I await input????

Anonymous said...

43 years as a season ticket holder and Saturday's booing /cheering a Georgia player was the worst I have ever witnessed. It made me angry and sad. How in hell can they do that? What asses! I'm sure they have never played the game and didn't go to UGA either.Is it Falcon fan with free tickets from a friends?Whatever, never let them enter the stadium again, please!

Unknown said...

"I came home and watched the Tech game Saturday night. Gailey was up in his players faces all night."

Didn't Tech get absolutely spanked by Clemson? Did Gailey do any good by yelling and getting in players' faces? If it helped any, it must be in some way that's not visible to the naked eye and yields no statistical result.

"But I want more coaching. I want somebody to look like they care about our performance."

And here I was hoping they actually play the part instead of just looking the part. Maybe it's my Dallas Cowboy fan upbringing but I learned a long time ago not to judge a coaching performance by how much the coach is in someone's face. That wasn't Tom Landry's style in Dallas and it's not Mark Richt's style here. I don't have a problem with that. It would be awkward for Richt to change his coaching style just to put a song and dance on for the fans and I don't expect it from him.

Anonymous said...

I agree that you don't boo college players. Period. Still clinging to my fiction that they are just doing this for love of Mother Georgia.

I don't think MoMass should start, but I don't want to be associated with the boo-birds. I've said it before, Inman is a lout.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you booers know that Mo's mom was in the stands on Saturday to hear her son get booed!

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey, I also said that Bowden was up in players faces. Maybe I was mistaken at my comments. Maybe not "up in faces" is not richt's style, that I also said. But it is not a style issue when players leave the field and just sit on the bench. I think an assistant should have the defense huddled around talking to them about what they see. I mean something like this; an assistant with a board, a marker, and the D huddled around and the assistant saying "Hey guys, here is what I see. Here is why a team that had not broken a play over 23 yards all year is beating our secondary to death"! Same goes for the offense. Bobo or somebody should have these guys huddled up saying, "Hey look, here is what we should do next time out." I know richt has a gameplan put together prior to the game, but sometimes you have to coach on the fly. I just don't see any of that.

And by the way, that Clemson team that tattoed Tech's ass Saturday night, both the offense and the defense were huddled with a coach when they came off the field. They weren't sitting there like a know on a log!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the "these are just student athletes" argument is that UGA charges rates (when you include the donation) that are comparable or greater than NFL rates.This creates a pro level expectation.

But, hey I booed. I am not apologizing. And probably not because of my above justification. I truly believe the boos have been played up this week b/c of the silent stadium. I suggest that some of you take a little rage out on the 20,000 absentee fans and the 40,000 others who sat on their hands the entire game. There is booing in every game, but if people make a little noise you can't here it.

Love the blog, but this so called MoMass slump is otherwise known as the 2006 season. Oh, and if he has another 2 drop game I will likely be booing with 10,000 others.

Anonymous said...

To the UGA fan who said "If UGA fans are content with its play this year then I don't want to be one" (and those that agree which that notion), then you have missed the point. No one, including the team is content with the way this season has gone. Booing your own team is the most classless move there is, as evidenced by the fact that the Yankees, Mets, Eagles and Tech fans routinely do it. If you truly feel that somehow the team is worthy of booing, go become a shirtless Florida fan, where you can boo OUR team with impunity. Otherwise, you are wasting tickets and air that decent people can use. Please get out of our gene and ticket pool.

Anonymous said...

It is amusing how many people can spit fire using the name "anonymous." Although using an internet handle isn't much better. Guess I better put these rocks down and Windex my house.

Anonymous said...

My apologies. I posted the previous post about getting out of the gene pool. My name is Tony Waller and I can be reached at
Let me just add that it has struck me that booing in a stadium is a very anonymous way to register displeasure with someone who’s butt would be kissed the second he walked in a room. Much more so than using “anonymous” on the internet.

Anonymous said...

- "Pretty shameful -- like the response to Terrence Edwards after the drop against Florida in 02."

Having grown up in the same town as Robert & Terrence, and having a younger brother who played ball with Robert, I can say I know them and their family fairly well. And, sitting behind their Mother that night in Jacksonville, I can say it was a total disgrace. The way the fans treated Terrence that night actually caused Mrs. Edwards to have a mild heart attack. She was so upset at the lack of respect, SHE HAD A HEART ATTACK. They actually had to go get Terrence out of the locker room to try to calm her down.

That to me was the lowest point that I can remember as a Dawg fan. Those two guys busted their butts to make the Dawgs great, and that is how our "fans" repaid their blood, sweat and tears. I was embarrased to call myself a Dawg that night.

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