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October 24, 2006

Pat Dye nails his commentary on Tebow and Stafford

Leave it to ol' Pat Dye to nail it in an article in the AJC.
Freshman Tim Tebow has done no wrong. Gators coach Urban Meyer hasn't let him. Through controlled runs and carefully timed passes, Meyer has whet fans' appetites for what is to come after senior Chris Leak.

"He is a hybrid," CBS broadcaster Tim Brando said of Tebow. "Just a freakish athlete."

But he's still a freshman.

"[Tebow] didn't make any difference when he played against [Auburn]," said Pat Dye, the Tigers' former coach. "He had one run, but then the next three or four times he ran it he never got across the line.

"If Tebow is playing the whole ballgame, he would be making the same mistakes [Georgia freshman Matthew] Stafford is making."
That's been my point. So far, he's a helluva a fullback, and I sure as heck don't want to see him rolling out there on 3rd and 1. But he's only thrown 14 passes so far this year, and nine of them were versus UCF in mostly garbage time.

He's a whale of a talent, but the hype as a QB vs. what he's actually done throwing the ball is way out of whack. He's a weapon, but not for throwing the ball. At least not yet.

Oh...and Meyer says we'll see a heap more of Tebow this weekend.



Anonymous said...

I would love to have seen just one Greg Blue hit on Tebow as he tried to tuck it and run.

C. Paul said...


I'm going to love next year when the Gator fans get their wishes - Tebow as starter - and he starts to make mistakes in the passing game as he gets used to being on the field for 4 downs. They'll be wishing for Leak to spell him some.

Don't get me wrong - I think he's very good - but let's not act like he's impervious to errors like Coach Dye said.

(I'd love to see him try to pass this weekend and throw a pick)

My only frustration with Stafford is this game should have been his 5th in row at starter so he could've had some of his kinks out by now. I pity whoever we play in the bowl game as by that point MS will have 5 starts under his belt (plus bowl practice) and will be ready to roll.

Go Dawgs!!

Trey said...

I'm happy to hear that Tebow will get a lot more action. They way teams have exploited our secondary, I encourage Urban Meyer to run it with Tebow exclusively. Heck, why not just sit Leak out for this game? There is no need to put in a quarterback who has completed 66% of his passes without a pick against a team with a struggling pass defense when you can put in a short yardage specialist every down.

Will Collier said...

Reminds me of something Ivan Maisel wrote last year, regarding early starters: "Freshmen are mostly goobers." Good point, that.

Anonymous said...

Am I crazy or...does the offense need to make the run primary. I'm not a coach and the ones in Athens are awfully good ones. However, at this point in the season it seems apparent that the offensive line is better at run blocking than pass blocking. Along with the fact that we have two very phyiscal tailbacks and the nation's best FULLBACK in Southerland. Why not run some Power-I? Keeps the beleagered defense off the field and keeps the pressure off Stafford. I hate to say this, but if Dooley had coached the second half of the UT game, GA wouldn't have been blown out. Just an opinion. GO Dawgs!

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