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October 27, 2006

Property Destroyed Tomorrow?



Anonymous said...

No matter where I am or what mood I'm in, those words bring chill bumps and tears everytime.

I'm going to put it in my will that Munson's call be played at my funeral.

Scott said...


Can't you see me... I was in the last row of the band block off th 30 yard line. I was mobbed from the crowd behind me after the play.

What we also need is the replay of the announcement of the North Avenue Trade School-Notre Dame game that day. I remember it like it was yesterday... the guy got on the P.A. and announced "final score from Atlanta, Georgia Tech 3, Notre Dame" CLICK. That SOB clicked off the mike. He took forever to come back. It was like he went out for a seven course meal! CLICK... then he said "THREE!" We broke into several rounds of Glory while the Florida band packed up and just left. It wasn't their day!

The rest, as the saying goes, is history!

I want to see some property destroyed Saturday night!


slhjax said...

Quit living in 1980 people!! That is a fabulous memory - but WAKE UP! We've lost 14 of 16 since 1990 and Dawg fans are still talking about Belue to Scott. Talk about pathetic.....

I want some new memories. I want to see some wins down here. I want the pendelum to swing back in GA's favor. Watching highlights from 26 years ago does not make me feel better - it makes me feel worse because of FL's recent complete and utter domination of this series.

Time for some new memories folks. Stop reliving 1980 and start focusing on winning in 2006!!!!

Anonymous said...

You like things heavily hung,do you,"the man"?
Just remember,someday YOU may be wearing a diaper.I'm sure the nurses assistant won't mind changing you.
Introspection.Self evaluation.
Consider it.

Anonymous said...

stay classy gators.
congrats on a hard-fought win. despite the questionable calls on the field, you guys deserved it.
i do look forward to finishing the rest of the year strong and building some momentum for next year.

also look forward to stuffing tebow a lot more next year.

Unknown said...

Give off your high horse.

No one is living in '80. It was simply a statement that sometimes the improbable happens.

And it didn't on Sat.

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