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October 11, 2006

So much blame to pass around.....

The aftermath and finger pointing in the wake of the UT game continues. Joe T took some hits and of course Willie Martinez took a few shots.

Unfortunately, the person at the bottom of the blame pyramid now appears to be Matt Tovrog. CherrishinskiGate, as it is now known, has reached the pages of Warren St. John's RammerJammerYellowHammer Blog. EDSBS also noticed the situation. David Ching of the Columbus-Ledger found himself laughing at this Greek tragedy of a beverage. MaconDawg weighs in, and the story has also drifted over to HeyJennySlater; although, in fairness to Matt...Doug blames his own underwear with the same venomous glare with which he views Matt's timing.

However, not all eyes are glared in disdain. In the interest of fairness and full representation of all views, Jmac of The Cover Two (a member of "Tent City") has issued a full retort as they manage the "Attack from All Fronts."

I think it's high time that we move past blaming cheerleaders, Doug's underwear, drunken appetizers, black shirts, Willie Martinez's VCR and players. We need to move beyond all of these groups and return to our old tried and true target of blame.

Drinkers = "Sinners" (Unless they contribute millions and own the liquor company)

Somehow the loss is Mike Adams fault. It's just that simple. It looks like's Travis Clay agrees with us. Everything is Adams' fault.

Paul Westerdawg
Director, Blame Game
Georgia Sports Blog


Jmac said...

I can't even begin to take credit for this, as it is pure genius from DAve, but during an email exchange he offered an alternative to the Cherrishinski.

How about the Hiawatha BlackBerries ... blackberries soaking in Hennessey.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PWD, for finally placing the blame squarely where it's due. In a spirit of reconciliation and mutual hatred for Adams, I invite you and everyone else in the dawgosphere who pummeled our tailgate this week to stop by the confines of Tent City and sample a Cherrishinski or two or ten for yourself. We're located on Sanford Drive, right next to Mary Lyndon Hall. Just look for the "Matt Tovrog: Now Availalbe for Autographs and Pictures" sign.

Josh M. said...

This entire affair just proves what I've believed all along - the world revolves around Tent City.

Dawgnoxious said...

I love the fact Clay Travis's column includes a picture of an empty family friendly zone. Unfortunately, deserted tailgating areas are becoming nationally synonymous with Georgia football.

That, and candy-ass prevent zone defense with no pass rush.

Unknown said...

We're working on a drink called The Cherry Hoage. But I don't want to give the details away yet.

Besides Matt or Mrs. Hartman would just end up in the newspaper claiming it as their own. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Several posters have made the comment that there seems to be a mental and/or leadership problem; something that starts from the top.

Below is a quote from Richt's press conference. I don't think that a bunch of "rah-rah" behavior in and of itself is necessarily a good thing. On the other hand, it's pretty clear that Richt is letting the players set the tone. That, imho, is a BIG mistake. After a beat down like they suffered on Saturday, the coach should have this team eating metal and shitting razors.

No. 2 is you worry about the morale a little bit, but if they didn’t feel bad, you think maybe we don’t have the right guy. So I didn’t mind them being a little bit quiet. We worked ‘em pretty good at the beginning of practice. It was pretty business-like. It was not a lot of enthusiasm, but I didn’t necessarily expect a lot of enthusiasm.

DAve said...

"pure genius from DAve" is one phrase I never in my life expected to hear.

I'm more accustomed to hearing "God, DAve, no!!!"

Thanks JMac.

But do come by one week and indulge with us, PWD. I'll see if Doug (Hey Jenny Slater) can make it and you guys can debate about whose Blogger template is better or something.

Jmac said...

We're working on a drink called The Cherry Hoage. But I don't want to give the details away yet.

Besides Matt or Mrs. Hartman would just end up in the newspaper claiming it as their own. ;-)


I think there should definitely be a Dawgosphere original drink contest now ... lots of potential.

Anonymous said...

I don't think y'all realize just how much trouble Mike has caused. Did you know that he:

-was the replay official who botched this years Oregon-Oklahoma game?
-told the Falcons front office that Brett Favre "wouldn't amount to much".
-told Georgia settlers that kudzu "had no known drawbacks"?
-hired Jim Harrick?

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