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October 18, 2006

Stafford to start and more practice reports

Image: Jim Hipple

Stafford finally gets the nod. Everyone has this story and more from practice reports.

And non-football, but this will give you insight into how only 1 of 11 hoop dawgs graduated that enrolled from '96-99. Rob Dryden talks about Jirsa's stupidity. Note: Don't miss the sentence of the article where Jirsa made the decision to remove Rob from the team b/c of his refusal to change his major THE WEEK AFTER HE SCORED 22 AGAINST TEXAS. Jirsa. What a dumbass.



Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I remember one day while I was working at The Red & Black, sometime during '97 or '98, we had a small picture of Jirsa in the sports section but someone forgot to change the "Jane Q. Public" fill-in caption beneath the picture, and it got printed that way -- Ron Jirsa identified as Jane Q. Public. We were all really embarrassed, but looking back, we probably gave that meathead about as much respect as he deserved.

oreo said...

Well, apparently Robb did graduate, eventually. So that's a positive, and proof that there's more than 1 in 11 graduating.

That Jirsa is still a head coach at the D1 level baffles me more than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the article on Robb Dryden. I was in several engineering classes with Robb and he is a great guy. Certainly it was difficult to play basketball and study engineering at the same time, and he could have very easily changed his major to something that wouldn't have been as time consuming. The fact that Robb didn't take the easy way out and stuck with engineering shows his integrity. Although Robb wasn't drafted to play in the NBA, he did play professionally in Europe and later got his degree. If a player doesn't graduate "on time" but leaves school to play professionally, whether it be basketball, football, or baseball, why does that count against the graduatation rate? Is it the official postion of the NCAA to not take a pro contract making $100k or more a year, to stay in school so that they can make $40k a year. I still do not understand the logic behind this rule.

Anonymous said...

PWD - You call Jirsa a dumbass, and, unquestionably, he was a dumbass at Georgia and will always be a dumbass. But how big a dumbass was Vince Dooley for hiring him as HEAD COACH and keeping the fool for as long as he did? Dooley treated the basketball program as a second rate sport his entire tenure at UGA. Just look at the facilities.

One other thing, we've gotta hang with Stafford all the way now.

Anonymous said...

Hank, you gotta give the people what they want- and MS has been the people's choice since he was still at Highland Park. Hope we have three and a half GREAT years to look forward to, starting now.

Nathan said...

Tech has had some horrible football coaching hires (Bill Lewis - come on down), but Georgia's basketball coaches make them look like rocket scientists.

There's no reason Georgia shouldn't be good at basketball (hell, look at the Tubby years) - there's a ton of talent in the state and people will support a program that isn't just backasswards 100% of the time.

Anonymous said...


On PAPER the Jirsa move made sense. We were promoting the "right hand man" of Tubby. The program has more momentum than any other time since '83. It would've been nice to interview others, but it wasn't that outrageous to hire him.

As for letting him hang around. He was only in Athens for 2 seasons. Granted, Dooley was considering a 3rd, but it's not like he was there for 7 Goff.

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