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November 9, 2006

2007 Opener Announced: Almost Famous

Breaking news on the Dawgs' 2007 season opener: Georgia will play Stillwater's Oklahoma State Golden Gods Cowboys in Athens, followed by a return trip in 2009 to the cowtown named after the fictitious band in Almost Famous.

They're not cheerleaders, they're Band Aids.


PWD: Update... has the unofficial 2007 Schedule up. He just hasn't updated it yet with the OKSU game as the home opener. It's important to note that Damon and the gang managed to keep an Open Date before UF in all of this. Big home games that year are OK State, South Carolina and Auburn. Any year that we have three quality games like that is a good schedule. Also, as ESPN is our TV partner on this one, it's very likely a night game. GATA!

SicemDawgs also has the unofficial 2009 schedule up (without the OSU game). According to SicEm, we had originally scheduled Appy State as our opener in 2009. Maybe that's an error, or maybe it means we're dropping a Div I-AA team! Or maybe it just means we're going to fill the week before ASU with a different Div I-AA team. Regardless, the 2009 home schedule looks awesome with games against Arizona State, LSU, Auburn and South Carolina.

For those worrying about overscheduling...
Oklahoma State and Arizona State are basically the South Carolina Gamecocks of their respective conferences. Other than the Jake Plummer and Barry Sanders years, they're usually good for a 5-7 wins with an occassional 9 win season. It's the perfect non-conference match-up.

KUDOS to the Athletic Department for giving us some solid games. -- PWD

Not Barry Sanders



Anonymous said...

According to the ABH, we do play Appalachian State on 09/05/2009. Here is the link:

Also, I have updated the 2007 and 2009 schedules, and guessed at the date for the 2009 OSU game since I haven't seen an exact date.


Anonymous said...

ASU should get more credit than that, Paul.

They've been very mediocre over the last 20 yrs, but at least they have the Frank Kush era to brag about.

They might not be prime rib, but they're a cut above SCU and Ok State historically.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and not to quibble, but "Stillwater" was actually based on a real band of the same name headquartered in and around (drumroll) Macon/Warner Robins. Their one hit was "Mindbender", a song so trippy they named a looping rollercoaster after it. Ok, I guess that is quibbling, now that I think about it.

Anonymous said...

it's great for ya'll that your team started scheduling better and yes asu and okst are the usc's of their conferences.........but remember this year uga is the iowa st. of theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and don't plan on being any better next year. your offensive line only gets worse! matthew stafford sucks! he's the next kyle wright of miami. both number one qb's comming out of high school but they suck. reggie ball had a much, much, much better freshman year. highlighted by a win over auburn!

Anonymous said...

Because as you know "Anonymous" Furman, Samford, and the Citadel are always "quality" opponents

Anonymous said...

I see that same 9th grade punk is back posting on this site. Do yourself a favor: Go find one of your mother's valiums and take 3.

Anonymous said...

For those worried about overscheduling...we kept our open date before Florida. We aren't looking like a MNC-caliber team, so I could care less who we play as long as we keep the bye week.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, I wish UGA would have come out to the West Coast. Playing WSU in Seattle would have been a great game, plus a great trip for UGA fans.
Tempe is a very nice place to visit. Could be 100 degrees though.
Hopefully, it will be a good solid
ASU team and not one like this years.
Hope the rest of this season goes well for UGA.

Anonymous said...

Which game next year would be homecoming - Ole Miss or Troy. Can't seem to find definitive answer.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but AAAAAGH!!!!!!

At what point does 3+ turnovers a game negate "talent potential" however great it may be?

Anyone remember the Charlie Sheen character in Bull Durham.

Do you suppose we should quick kick at the start of the 3rd quarter in the Tech game?

Anonymous said...

5 to 7 wins most of the time with 9 every now and then? doesn't that make them the Georgia Bulldogs of their conference?

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