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November 10, 2006

About Last Night

Empire State Goes Scarlett

Most of the free world was pulling for Rutgers last night. Most of us with big hearts and good souls were doing it simply because after 137 years, they deserved something good happening to them.

However, Texas, Auburn, Florida, Southern Cal, Cal and others were pulling for Rutgers for more selfish reasons. The BCS race is now wide open. Unfortunately for UGA fans, Auburn comes into our game on Saturday focused with an outside shot at the National Title game. Gag.

-- Brian Cook looks at the 8+ teams fighting for the spot opposite the OSU vs. Michigan winner.

-- Texas is probably on the outside looking in barring some major style point wins over TAMU and Nebraska. BurntOrangeNation explains.

Neither Here nor There:
-- Georgia's scheduling deal with Oklahoma State (2007 and 2009) came about after our proposed two for one deal with Oregon State (2007, 2011 and 2014) fell through. Some else said it best yesterday...the Oregon State deal was doomed the moment that the Beavers learned of our one for one deal with the Oregon Ducks (2015/2016). The Beavers would've lost too much face in a 2 for 1 if OU could get a 1 for 1 with us. Note to Auburn and Texas: You guys still need a home opener for Oregon State.

-- On top of everything else, Joe Paterno has three broken ribs. He broke them during a practice back in September. “He just fell down. Dusted off his pants and kept coaching.” With broken ribs. Current Count: Broken Ribs (3), Broken Legs (1) and Torn Knees (1). On the plus side...with all the pain meds, he's probably higher than Snoop Dogg right now. Sippin on Percocet and Juice.



Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Seriously, Paterno is the guy in that ancient black-and-white film clip catching a cannonball in the chest. Didn't you know that?

Anonymous said...

I ain't worried about AU. If anything, being able to ruin their season just gives us a little more incentive to do it, and at the same time, it puts a little more pressure on them to cave.

hoodawg said...

Richt should have his team watch the Rutgers comeback. I couldn't help but compare it to UGA-Tennessee 2001, where the team refused to quit and unheralded players stepped up to make big plays. Thus ushered in the greatest string of success for Georgia since the early 80s. We're not going to get back there until we see that hunger, emotion, and team concept in our players again. We can do it - but it won't happen on its own.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever replace a "bad case of the wants".

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